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We know how it is to be stoned. If we didn't, the fact that we own a website about smoking cannabis would be ludicrous. We also understand what effect music can have on your high. We understand that different genres of music have different places in your favourite lists, depending on your mood. We also know how to make some mind altering, dream enhancing, stress busting music that takes you to a tranquil place in the mind’s eye where you are free to relax.

...Whilst still smoking of course...


Our music is produced and dedicated towards people who smoke cannabis, but of course it is not only cannabis enthusiasts who can enjoy these tranquil yet somewhat crude sounds. Whether you're looking for a bit of background music whilst you work or game, or if you're looking for more of a trippy vibe or if you seek nothing more than a relaxing track or two to help you daydream & imagine, you have come to the right place. We have over six years’ experience in producing trippy music and have received a dedicated following on our social networking websites due to the uniqueness of our sounds.






Below you can find out more information about this exciting project and most importantly you can listen for yourself!

Thanks for your support!

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