Trip Music

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If helping people to feel like they're floating through space whilst they're incredibly high is a business, then we're in it. We take great pleasure in crafting and fine tuning atmospheric, psychedelic electronic music for the browsing stoner. The best thing about this wonderful job? We do it whilst we're high. Really high. So we know exactly what we need to be making.

We have an in-house music production specialist who is continuously floating through space whilst making some pretty mind boggling music. It's a hard life for some, isn't it?

We're always open to hearing from people who require taylor made tracks for specific commercial use such as Games, Film, Radio & many more. We're a creative bunch so get in touch with us today if you have any questions on how we can help you.

We've been involved in some interesting projects including making music for art exhibitions, making minimal dubstep for rappers and more!


If you need music for college work please feel free to download any of our tracks for free. All we ask is that you credit us within your work!