Officially, is almost 9 years old as of May 2015. So it's fair to say that the website has had many visitors from all over the World, all eagerly searching for information on Cannabis. There has also been a fair few people working at this domain. However, we've recently taken ownership of this premium Cannabis brand and we're building a cannabis related paradise from the ground up!


Of course, it takes a few people to get things off the ground and we've already got people assisting in the process, but we're always on the lookout for helping hands. Get in touch today to find out if your skills are needed!





Owner of the Smoking Cannabis brand.


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A passionate traveller and Cannabis enthusiast; Paul has been smoking cannabis for the majority of his adult life and truly believes in the positive benefits that marijuana has to offer. When he is not spreading the word about Cannabis, he enjoys making electronic music under his alias Sublex.


Paul can be reached on - please get in touch with any questions that you may have!


Tzvi Peckar the Third

Tzvi Peckar the Third the Author walks in the shadows of his own tales along the shores of Southern California, and those strange stories that come to him throughout the world, the day, the weeks, and the simple moments. Known to be a part of the underground, subculture of art, music, film, and scenes, Tzvi has collected a number of fantastically interesting characters to call his friends. Some show up in stories as themselves, some are eluded too, and some have name changes to protect their identity from theft.


Tzvi has been seen with the likes of Serj Tankian, Norwood Fisher, Freeway Rick Ross, Trey Spruance, Chloe Sevigny, Pauly, Pat Fields, Michael Alig, GG Allin, George Clinton, Maureen Herman, Roseanne Barr, just to name drop a few to make you like even more.

Instagram: @TzviPeckar3

Twitter: @TheTzvi

Credit Hal Bergman

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