Why a stash box is essential to you in 2021

Some cannabis enthusiasts are able to enjoy their bud with few concerns. Others, however, may be worried that their family, children, or friends may find their paraphernalia and are more concerned about concealing their activities and ensuring that their smoking tools and flowers remain protected. If you live in a situation where you don’t want others to know about your smoking or don’t want others getting into your stash, you’re going to want to purchase yourself a stash box!

What Is a Stash Box?

As the name suggests, a stash box is a place where you can stash away all of your marijuana as well as the tools that you need during every smoke session. There are plenty of options out there on the market, so it’s important to pay close attention to the features offered by your chosen stash box, whether or not its size will allow for easy hiding as well as offer plenty of room for your materials, and the design and whether or not it meets your needs. There’s a stash box out there for everyone!

Why Do You Need It?

A stash box is perfect for anyone who may not be able to smoke freely. For example, if you have family staying with you, you may not want to let them know that you smoke. Keeping your bud and tools in a safe box that no one can get into can give you the peace of mind that you need to smoke with greater confidence. Another excellent example is for smokers who may have curious children that they don’t want rummaging through their stash. With a stash box, you can rest assured that no one will be getting their hands on your goods.

But why a stash box? Wouldn’t any old box work? This is a valid point, but the difference between your regular hiding space and a stash box is that a stash box was designed for this specific purpose. As such, you can expect benefits like:

A better environment designed to keep your bud fresh until you decide to smoke it

Security measures like locks so that, if your stash box is found, prying eyes can’t find their way to see what’s inside

A smell-proof design so that the contents of your stash box don’t give away their location and secrets

If you need to protect your cannabis, a stash box is a must-have for you.

What to Keep Inside

The contents of one person’s stash box may vary wildly from another individual’s stash box. That being said, there are some universal items that you’ll want to consider putting in your stash box. These items include:

A lighter, box of matches, or another source of heat to burn your cannabis

Your favorite bud (best kept in a container designed to keep it fresh so it doesn’t get damaged while being held in your stash box)

Rolling papers or cones, along with helpful tools like a joint roller or a crutch

A grinder to pack the perfect bowl, joint, or blunt

A tool to help you clear your bowl and a tamper to pack herb more tightly into your device

A small tray for rolling (if you’re able to fit this in there)

Small pipes or vaporizers that you can use once you open up your stash box and get everything set up

More involved substances like dab concentrates and dab tools for the enthusiast who likes something a bit more concentrated when they smoke

Eye drops, mint gum, dry mouth spray, and any other items that make you feel more present after you smoke and reduce paranoia (you may even wish to throw some CBD in there to try to counteract your high if you get higher than anticipated)

Goodies like edibles or other snacks that you may want to have on hand

Dab mats, ashtrays, and other tools designed to keep your space clean when you do smoke

Small humidity and odor control packs that prevent mold and other contaminants from spreading throughout your case

Put simply, your stash box should contain everything you may need for when you smoke. What you decide to put in there, however, is entirely up to you!

How to Pack It

Packing a stash box is very much like packing luggage. If your stash box is going to be somewhere in your home at all times, making sure that you have the most delicate equipment at the top and strategically placed so it doesn’t move is the most important thing to focus on. Build a foundation of robust tools and equipment and place more delicate items on top in such a way that they secure each other (unless you have a stash box with dividers). If you plan on taking your stash box everywhere, getting protective tools or containers for each item is advised so nothing breaks during the move. Then, you can pack it in a way you feel is best.

A stash box is perfect for the smoker who needs to protect their goods. Use this guide to better understand what a stash box is, what benefits it provides, and why you should get one for your own use as soon as possible.

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