What is the best way to Smoke Cannabis?


Since weed has been around since the prehistoric times, we have discovered a number of ways to enjoy its recreational and medicinal effects. Undoubtedly, the most enjoyable and quick method of cannabis consumption is via smoking. Even though, smoking may not be an appropriate option for everybody as it could be injurious to our health.

The legislative and technological advances in the weed industry allow us to have a safe experience with different strains of marijuana. Here are the top three ways to use cannabis for both therapeutic and recreational purposes.

Herb Vaporizers

Vaporizers are super easy to use and you can find many portable tabletop options easily. It is an efficient way to smoke cannabis as it is known to be easy on the lungs. THC vape pens are also becoming incredibly popular because of their simplicity and ease of use.


Joints or blunts are the most trendy way to smoke weed. If you don’t feel like spending time on rolling the joint with your preferred amount of dried cannabis, you may go for pre-rolls, and you just need a lighter to get started. Joints usually burn faster, which is why they are not long lasting. Most people look for something that may burn for a long time. Blunts are made with cigar paper that burns slowly and prolongs the experience.


Bongs, blubbers or bingers are water pipes that filter and cool cannabis content. They come in different designs and sizes, but some of the common features include a small bowl to hold dried weed. Water at the bottom of the bong percolates, and the smoke passes through the water before entering the mouth.

If you also intend to smoke cannabis, make sure to consult your healthcare practitioner to avoid any inconvenience. If you are already suffering from any breathing issues such as asthma, it is recommended not to smoke cannabis. However, you can always use it in different delivery systems such as sublingual absorption or oral consumption.

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