The Magic Mushroom Company that is changing the world of psilocybin as we know it.

Minerco, Inc. (Stock Symbol: MINE) “The Magic Mushroom Company,” Announces the Global Launch of Their Crypto Blockchain Token SHRUCOIN at Music Icon Sean Kingston Signs on as Brand Ambassador

  • Experienced Developer of Psilocybin Mushroom Products for a Range of Known Wellness Effects.

  • Jamaican Music Icon Sean Kingston Onboard as Brand Ambassador.

  • New Marketing Programs Launching with Blockchain Token SHRU.

  • Joint Venture Partnership with Industry Leader PSYC.

  • LOI Signed with Jamaican Firm Lazurus for Export to Canada & Europe.

Minerco, Inc. (MINE) “The Magic Mushroom Company,” is the world's first publicly traded company specializing in growing, research, production and distribution of psilocybin mushrooms and marketing worldwide. In addition, MINE also seeks to acquire and invest in CBD operating companies' extraction, edibles, topical, white label products etc.

  • Music Icon Sean Kingston Welcomed as Newest Ambassador

The global sensation joins MINE at a critical time with the upcoming launch of their blockchain token SHRU

On February 28th MINE announced that musical icon, Sean Kingston, has joined the company’s mission through their ambassador program. This decision comes at a strategic time for the botanical sector with the upcoming launch of blockchain token SHRU. Kingston, who is of Jamaican origin, has witnessed the medicinal benefits that plants such as psilocybin and cannabis provide, as both are legal in Jamaica and are commonly used for treatment methods.

Kingston, who has over 1.2 million Instagram and 2.9 million Twitter followers, brings to MINE a strong network people who view him as an innovator or trendsetter. As a result, he will be able to use these social media platforms and other channels to help raise awareness on the company's overall mission to educate the masses on botanical products such as cannabis or psilocybin. By partnering with a global figure of Kingston's stature, the MINE reach can broaden exponentially, especially with their blockchain token SHRU being available to the public come March 1, 2021.

In response to the announcement of his affiliation with MINE, Kingston made this statement: "I have been building a relationship with Minerco for a while as I am 100% behind in their mission as a company. In Jamaica, we have been using cannabis and psilocybin for medicinal purposes for years now and have seen the positive effects that it can have on people who suffer from physical and emotional challenges. The anticipated launch of SHRU definitely accelerated the process in making our strategic partnership official, and now I am ready to help in any way possible. These are exciting times."

There are two ways that MINE customers can utilize SHRU. They can either go through SHRUCOIN.COM and purchase the token or go through the application SHRUCOIN PAY where credit card payments are an option. Additionally, SHRUCOIN Pay will contain certain APIs for the application’s interface to connect with outside payment apps such as PayPal and Cashapp for purchases related to Cannabis and Psilocybin.

  • MINE Enters Joint Venture Partnership with PSYC

On January 25th PSYC, a digital media leader within the emerging sector of medicinal psychedelics, announced a Joint Venture Partnership MINE. The JV creates an opportunity for the companies to collaborate on the co-development and hosting of virtual conferences and forums focused on educating, informing, and showcasing the potential medicinal benefits of psilocybin mushrooms, including the psilocybin-based products MINE is developing. Additionally, the JV allows for PSYC to serve as one of the primary digital marketing partners for MINE as they move forward with their focus of bringing their products to market.

  • MINE Appoints Health Care Consultant Paul Hoonjan as President

On January 11th MINE announced that Paul Hoonjan has been appointed as its new President. Hoonjan brings extensive experience, notably in the development and management of strategic opportunities, corporate alliances and bringing therapeutic products to market. For almost 6 years, Hoonjan has overseen Cannabis and Mushroom development in Runaway Bay, Jamaica managing international client base. Hoonjan's expertise in shipping, contracting, negotiating, labor development, and building supply lines will reinforce MINE leadership in the emerging global market.

  • MINE Signs LOI with Jamaican Firm Lazurus Holistic to Grow, Process and Extract Psilocybin and Cannabis for Export to Canada and Europe

On January 4th MINE announced a Joint Venture letter of intent with Lazurus Holistic to serve as psilocybin experts to grow and develop a unique strain of mushrooms specific to Jamaica. In addition, through the JV with Lazurus, MINE will inherit multiple cannabis licenses to grow, process, extract cannabis as well as psilocybin. This partnership will enable MINE to have a continuous supply of product to fill its 1 million microdots capacity daily. MINE plans to export its wholesale product to Europe and Canada, as well as create is own brand "DOTMINES."

MINE and Lazurus Holistic plan to retrofit its 100 acre farm into a state of the art production facility that can produce over 5000 Mushrooms and 1000 Cannabis pounds monthly. Through this Joint Venture, the company plans to advance its operations into the Cannabis /CBD/Psilocybin white label market.

Lazurus Holisitic an expert in mycelium recently completed its first export of Psilocybin mushrooms to Mydecine Innovations Group Inc. in Canada. The MINE/Lazurus Joint Venture will expand to export globally. The market penetration is approaching $7 billion by 2027.

In addition, MINE will purchase manufacturing equipment to produce up 1 million tablets of psilocybin microdots daily that will be sold in legal markets, plus a line of medical graded mushrooms sold nationwide.

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