Reclaim from a Glass Nectar Collector

Reclaim from a Glass Nectar Collector

Many a cannabis enthusiast knows what it’s like to run out of weed, only to wonder, can I smoke

all of that dried-up residue stuck to the inside of my glass pipe? Of course, this train of thought

applies to the dab enthusiast as well, with their reclaim being the main focus. That being said,

the built-up residue in a dabbing tool is different from the residue in a pipe. Is it okay to smoke?

If so, how do you do it? If you’ve been curious about using the residue in your glass nectar

collector, continue reading below to have all of your questions answered!

What Is a Glass Nectar Collector?

Most are familiar with the dab rig. These bulky, complex glass pieces make it possible to

vaporize your wax concentrates and get cool, cloudy hits when you decide to smoke. However,

these tools offer very limited portability and functionality outside of the home. This is where a

glass nectar collector comes in. A nectar collector or dab straw is a long, slender tool that

looks similar to a straw and allows you to dip your tool directly into your concentrates to

vaporize them, making it possible to take a hit absolutely anywhere. If you’ve always wanted to

take dabs on the go, a nectar collector is an excellent tool to look into.

What Is Reclaim?

Aptly named, reclaim refers to the wax that gets stuck on your dab rig after you’ve engaged in a

dabbing session. Think of reclaim as if it were the resin that builds up on your pipe, with the

exception being that reclaim is a bit different in texture and appearance. In fact, reclaim may not

just be on your rig, but mixed in with the water, producing an oily substance that you’ll need to

work with in order to make it usable. Fortunately, reclaim is a bit easier to access with a nectar

collector as there’s far less of a body to work with when you decide that you want to get reclaim

out of your device.

How Do You Get Reclaim?

The process of getting reclaim can be tricky, especially if your device wasn’t built with reclaim in

mind. If you notice that there’s hard reclaim built up on the sides of your tips or on the inside of

the body of your device, you can try to scrape it off and drop it into one of your concentrate

containers. Given that nectar collectors traditionally come apart for easy travel and use, it

shouldn’t be too hard to get into your device and claim your reclaim.

If you find reclaim in the water, you’ll want to pour out your water (without pouring out your

reclaim), fill your percolator with alcohol, allow your alcohol to sit in the percolator until you

notice that the reclaim has fully dissolved, and pour your alcohol into a dish or jar where you can

let it sit until the alcohol has evaporated. Once this has been achieved, you should be left only

with reclaim! However, knowing what to do with reclaim can be the most difficult aspect of this

process. Just how do you use reclaim once you’ve managed to separate it from the glass or water of your

nectar collector?

Is It OK to Smoke It?

The good news about reclaim is that you absolutely can smoke or vape it again. With that in

mind, reclaim may not be the best thing to smoke or vape. After concentrates have been vaped

the first time, many of the terpenes have left the substance, leaving you with something that is

slightly less effective than the substance in its original form. Additionally, reclaim has a harsher

feel and taste which can impact your throat and lungs. However, it should have enough

cannabinoids left so that you can experience the psychoactive effects that your concentrates

previously offered.

Another idea for reclaim is to build up your collection and use it to make your own edibles. Since

it’s already been through the decarboxylation process, it’s been properly prepared to give you

the high you’re looking for. It just needs to be incorporated into your favorite foods. You could

also use your reclaim in tinctures or capsules to ingest it that way as well. Put simply, reclaim is

absolutely a substance that you can reuse after you’ve already vaped it.

Reclaim is a great way to get more out of dabbing when you’ve run out of concentrates (or if

you’re just a frugal dab enthusiast). If you’re interested in using the reclaim from your glass

nectar collector but have no idea what to do or how to get started, use the brief guide above to

learn more about what reclaim is, where you can find it, and whether or not it is safe to use


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