New Age Rap - Richards Story 2021

My name’s Richard and my musical influences are from Hip-hop culture and Rap, although I’d categorise my genre as New Age and free thought style Rap, with Pop elements. Over the years I’ve had a lot of lyrical ideas, and subject matters and experiences I’ve wanted to express and music has always been a big part of my life. I found it feasible to integrate my art into music. Although I’ve been writing for much longer, and have played around with DJ’ing, and part producing all my life. I’ve officially been producing and mixing correctly over this last year or so, and have been eager to learn about the technical side which I find is an art form within itself. I’m eager to learn and make my craft better the more music I create; and are always criticising my own work with a perfectionist mindset, which I often find to be a curse. At the moment I’m writing, producing, recording, and mixing myself which I find to be a nightmare, but I feel the end result is always worth it. I work with talented people across the world online, to deal with the other side of things such as covers and mastering.

“I’m High Again (420)” is a fun, vibey, cannabis song that I dedicate to all the marijuana smokers out there. Whether you are an activist, a lazy stoner, no matter your background, it’s for you! So, light up, and enjoy! I actually produced the beat before I wrote the song. I remember playing the beat on a loop until something came to me, which usually starts by mumbling sentences and words to myself. Then I had an idea for a topic. For months all I had were a chorus, and partially verses, but felt something were missing. The hook actually came to me in a dream, I remember seeing a man rapping the words over and over again and I woke up and wrote it down instantly! It’s a story that many probably won’t believe but I can assure you it’s the truth. My goal for this track was to shatter people’s negative ideas about marijuana. Many people I’ve met over the years always seemed to have a narrow-minded view on the subject, and tend to look down on stoners, so I thought it was crucial to throw some opinions and truths in there. Because the masses don’t seem to understand the benefits such as pain relief for patients and many other positive properties. But I think the age of change is calling and songs like this are important. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a talented female artist, who has requested to not disclose her name for controversial reasons and out of respect, I am doing so.

When you look at my name logo, you’ll see 2 points of symbolism. The star indicates light, which symbolises bringing light into the world, whether that be positivity or guidance to potential fans or anybody who is struggling in day to day life. You’ll also notice I have a yin-yang symbol, I’m not religious in any way but New Age and Spiritualty have a lot of influence on me over the years and I find it important to symbolise both the light and dark through the Taoism, or Daoism to indicate the importance of both. With me being a Gemini myself, I often find the importance of balance between the twins of my star sign.

Last year I released two songs “Good Vibes” and “Id2020”. I released “Good Vibes” first, during the very first lockdown, but started writing and producing a couple of months prior. My inspiration for writing “Good Vibes” came from the realization that there are a lot of depressing songs on the radio which had me thinking out loud to myself “Why is every song I hear on the radio so depressing? It’s no wonder nobody wants to go to work on a Monday morning? Right?” So, I had a moment of realisation that I could start my music, by creating a positive type introduction song. Which were later followed by “Id2020” which is more of a conspiracy theory song. I’m aware many people may not like it or agree but I felt that the message is strong, and it’s how I felt at the time during the pandemic whether I had backlash or not.

I have a couple of concepts for EP’s at the moment which I’m planning on for the future. I’m currently playing with ideas and are organising lyrics and producing beats ready for these EP’s as well as putting my personal studio together. It might take a while for these releases but there will be more material!

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