Is It Possible to Microdose CBD? Short answer is an astounding YES!

CBD offers widespread benefits but its dosing is quite individualized. There is no universal dose that may work for everybody but anecdotal evidence shows that CBD micro dosing can increase the benefits of CBD. Micro dosing refers to taking very minute quantity of CBD several times a day. If you think you require 50mg of CBD per day then divide the dose in 10 parts of 5mg each. In CBD micro dosing technique, consistency and precision matters the most. Instead of producing a whole body effect, smaller doses start working on the cellular level to enhance the effect.

Health benefits of CBD micro dosing

Research suggests that decreased functionality of the ECS is linked with our body's increased requirements for exogenous cannabinoids. Micro dosing can help the body have a stable level of CBD around the clock. Those tiny doses will get absorbed in the bloodstream and stimulate our endocannabinoid system to maintain essential physiological functions. ECS maintains important functions such as mood, memory, pain, inflammation and stress etc. Taking a distributed dose of CBD can help in keeping the ECS activated all day to help the body in conditions like inflammation and pain.

Some of the potential health benefits of CBD are:

Reducing anxiety and depression

Relieves pain and inflammation

Uplifts mood and keeps you energetic all day

Helps in a peaceful sleep

Promotes muscle recovery

Micro dosing CBD can help boost these health benefits and increases the quality of life.

However, micro dosing is not for everyone. It may be tough for most of us to remind ourselves to take dose numerous times a day. Moreover, if the micro dosing technology doesn’t work for you it can cause reduced focus and increased anxiety. It is usually not recommended for people suffering from mental health issues such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Micro doses of THC-rich CBD will also be detected in drug test.

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