How Often Should I Change My Bong Water?

Bongs are the most conventional equipment used to smoke weed or marijuana. It offers incredible flavor and effect of your favorite weed strain. Bongs come in different shapes and sizes; however, they all have a chamber dedicated to water. Water plays a crucial role in the working of the bong. It is used to filter the smoke for harmful compounds and cool it down, so it is not very harsh on the lungs. It is recommended that the bong water should be changed regularly to avoid any pulmonary infections. Used water may develop harmful bacteria and fungi, which may also dwell in the lungs.

Here are a few benefits of changing bong water regularly:

  • Bongwater has a significant impact on the overall flavor of our weed. It can easily absorb tar, ash, and resin, which can have adverse effects on our health if absorbed in our lungs.

  • Undoubtedly clear water offers more excellent filtration than the used water. Changing bong water regularly preserves the flavor and allows the equipment to work efficiently.

  • Cleaning the equipment regularly and changing the water allows the bong to last longer and stay perfect without any stain or odor.

How often should the bong water be changed?

Even though it is a personal preference, it is recommended to change the water and clean the equipment before every use. If your bong smells bad or the water has turned brown, then it is clear that the water needs to be changed. Resin buildup or mold are also seen in used and old water. It would be best to change it before it causes a health hazard. You may also clean the bong with salt and alcohol after ten days to rinse away harmful bacteria and fungi.

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