How Long Does A Cannabis High Last?

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How long does a Cannabis high last?

Most new Cannabis users inquire about how long the high will last. Many studies show that it can last between 2 to 10 hours depending upon several factors including:

The amount of Cannabis consumed

The total quantity of Tetrahydrocannabinol

Metabolic activity after the user

Bodyweight and total fat percentage

Individual Cannabis tolerance

How long does it take to cause a high?

The effectiveness of a particular marijuana dose depends upon the method of intake. Cannabis smoking or vaping produces an instant high within 2 to 10 minutes as the dose can enter the bloodstream directly through the lungs. Ingesting Cannabis may take a while to kick in and causes a high within 30 to 60 minutes. However, depending upon the above-mentioned factors it may take as long as 2 hours to produce the results.

Dabs have a considerably higher quantity of THC and they can produce instant results causing a high within seconds.

How long does the high last?

The longevity of high produced by cannabis depends on the dose and potency. Even though smoking and diving produce instant results but their effect only lasts for about 1 to 3 hours depending upon the THC content and quality of cannabis. However, taking Cannabis-infused edibles may produce the results a little later but the high may last up to 24 hours. In any case, the effect lingers for more than a day.

Factors that may reduce the high

Higher doses of Cannabis can trigger paranoia which causes uncomfortable effects and the user may wish to wear off the effect of THC. Taking a shower or cold bath can also induce alertness which will eventually reduce the high. Moreover, terpenes such as those found in lemon, pine, black, pepper, and nuts can fight off the high. Make sure to check if you are using weed strains that contain such terpenes as they may not cause the amount of high you are looking for.

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