Grown Your Own Cannabis in Switzerland

According to the Global Newswire in 2019, the Cannabis market was valued at 17.5 billion dollars and was expected to reach 65 billion by 2027 growing at the rate of 17.8 % per year. Since the future of the Cannabis industry looks very bright, more and more entrepreneurs are trying to invest in this booming business and make a profit. However, starting the business from scratch requires immense investment and time, but the cruel and fast-paced industry may not give this much time.

Cannerald cannergrow program was started by professionals, helping people get started with their Cannabis business and become virtual growers. Cannergrow is established in Switzerland that produces high-quality Cannabis that complies with the European Union regulations. The company uses state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that Cannabis is grown in optimum conditions such as light, temperature, airflow, nutrition, and irrigation.

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The program also allows you to participate in the developing Cannabis industry without doing any hard work. The whole process of cultivation is carried out by Cannergrow!

The Cannabis produced by the growers is tested for any harmful contaminants, pesticides, toxins, or extra tetrahydrocannabinol concentration.

To ensure the whole process goes smoothly, the company has strict policies regarding quality control, workplace ethics, and culivation practices.

There are only a few steps before you can become a part of the Cannabis industry. Clients can purchase plants that will be scared by the Cannabis experts of the company and nurtured until they are mature enough. The clients can monitor their plants through a live camera. In about 10 to 14 weeks, the plants will be harvested and delivered to the client with full liberty to use them as they like. However, if the client chooses to cell the plants, we can also do it for you. The total harvest is split between the client and the company.

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