Make Smoking Weed More Enjoyable with These 7 Tips

Make Smoking Weed More Enjoyable with These 7 Tips Smoking weed recreationally should be enjoyable. We’ve created some content to ensure that if you’re new to the pursuit or smoking a long time, you have a good time. 1. Get Supplies In a minute, I'll provide you with some supplies you should get. However, the first thing we want to say is don't smoke weed and get high. Getting an Uber or taking public transportation can be a hassle. This is especially the case if you are high. When you're high, then the concept of commerce and cash can become unknown to you. Prepare beforehand by getting accessories online such as pipes or even to add to your ashtray collections. Strangers might cause you to panic. What you want to do first is get supplies. You can even get a subscription box for smokers so you always have what you need. 2. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings Norman Zinberg, a psychoanalyst, once said that you're set and setting determines how your high will transpire. If you are extremely tired after working all day long and you are stressing out for about bills and life in general, then your smoking experience will probably be very negative. The same goes if you were to consume mushrooms before getting on a plane and sitting there for hours on end. If you want to enjoy a good experience, then change things up and do it when you already feel good. 3. Consume It Have you grounded up your bud? If so, then place it in your bowl or joint. Now it's time to consume it. You want to take deep breaths. After you take your hit, take in additional air. This will ensure you get the most from your hits. On that note, you don't want to hold your hits because this will only deprive your brain of oxygen. The key is to exhale your smoke within a reasonable amount of time. After you take a few hits, you can stop. Weed is a lot like salt, meaning too much can ruin things, while just enough can provide you with the flavor you need. 4. Entertainment Weed can make everything better, and this includes movies and music. This is why you should have your entertainment lined up. Depending on your mood, your choices of entertainment might vary. Regardless of the mood you're in, you want to stick with stuff you're familiar with, otherwise you might have a hard time following a new movie, album and what not. Weed make many just about any movie seem difficult to decipher, even the most straightforward flicks. If you're in the mood for music, then jump on Spotify or Pandora and find tunes to listen to. Otherwise, you can jump on YouTube to find current and older jams. Whatever you decide to do, you will love the music or movie experience while smoking weed. 5. Have Your Favorite Food on Hand Weed does wonders in regards to how food tastes. In other words, weed has the ability to make any food taste better. This includes the most basic types of food and stuff like macaroni and cheese. Cooking while you're stoned can be confusing, which is why it's a good idea to have your favorite foods on hand before you smoke weed. Buying and storing junk food ahead of time can go a long way in terms of convenience. Trust us when we say you will likely get the munchies when you get high. 6. Smoke with People You Love Weed is a social drug, so smoke with people you love. If you don't, then you could end up being messed with by those who just want to mess with you for the fun of it. This is like the guy yelling that the cops are coming every single second. It's a good idea to smoke with friends who have experience with smoking weed. They can help you get over any anxiety you might feel while you smoke. Smoking weed is fun, but do make sure you don't smoke with a large group. Smoking in large groups might cause you to feel paranoid. 7. Have an Orgasm When you smoke weed, then your brain will pretty much be having an orgasm. Many of the advice we have provided you with involves groups, but having an orgasm is something you can do yourself. It's a good idea to have an orgasm before you smoke. This is because your judgement can become impaired, and you don't want to end up hooking up with someone just for the sake of it. Bonus Tip: Be In Nature Our bonus tip is to be in nature. I love being indoors, so the thought of going outside does not appeal to me. However, that is not the case while I smoke weed, so go out and be in nature while you are high. On that note, I want to mention that have taken one hike when I moved to a certain location. I got high before that hiking trip, during the trip and afterwards. Do bear in mind that cycling isn't a good idea to do while high, but it is fun. Feel free to walk your dog around the neighborhood, as this too can provide you with a good feeling.

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