5 Top Tips to Help You Choose Your First Marijuana Pipe

5 Top Tips to Help You Choose Your First Marijuana Pipe

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When you are just starting out, the process of navigating through all the available options for marijuana pipes is not easy. There are countless pipes and bongs to choose from, while each type is associated with varying smoking requirements. If you are a beginner or you are the type of person that is not interested in getting too high, it is best, to begin with, an item that is unassuming and small. You are probably not in the market to spend $200 or more on a fancy big-glass bong. Keep in mind that selecting a good quality material for your marijuana pipe should also be one of the important considerations. It is a good idea to buy pipes online so you can browse the different varieties on offer. Wood, plastic or glass materials will all be cleaned in a very different way. They will also vary when it comes to the way they deliver smoke. With all this in mind, here are 5 considerations you may want to think about before you buy a pipe. 1. Are the Hand Pipes A Better Choice for You? When most of the newcomers start, many choose the hand pipes. As its name implies, the hand pipe fits neatly into your palm. They are the ideal choice for casual smokers who usually light up occasionally. You will discover that these pipes mainly come in glass, yet there are also a few plastic and metal variations. One of the drawbacks to the glass hand pipe is that it can be difficult to clean. They will require frequent rinsing with acetone. One of the other disadvantages is the fact that they will break easily when they are dropped. For this reason, ensure you have chosen a pipe that features a thick glass. 2. Is A Water Pipe A Suitable Option for Me? Many of the experienced marijuana smokers will move onto water pipes at some stage. These devices are typically known as “bongs”. The water pipes feature percolation chambers that work on converting the smoke produced into water vapor. This results in hits that are less harsh. These pipes are available in all sorts of sizes and shapes. The prices also vary from a few dollars up to thousands of dollars. The prices usually depend on the custom artistry and the quality involved to make the pipe. There are many plastic and metal water pipes to choose from, yet the glass varieties will offer you the best hits. 3. What Are the One-Hitters? For casual smokers or the smokers that prefer a single hit or 2 while out and about, the one-hitter pipes are usually the best option. These are made from small metal-casings, with many that look similar to a cigarette. The way these devices work is to fill up the tip with a bud or two and to the take a single hit, sometimes two. The one-hitter is a useful device if you want to be discreet. 4. Can I Use My Grandad’s Old-Fashioned Pipe? Do you think of yourself as a distinguished person? If this is the case you might want to consider using your grandfather’s old pipe or buying one of the gentlemen’s old-fashioned pipes. These work just about as well when compared to the standard hand pipe for most situations. The wooden pipes will also offer a distinctive texture and flavor to your hits which is not available in other pipes. These pipes can also add variety to your normal routine. 5. Buy A Pipe or Bong That Suits You With so many marijuana pipes to choose from, the most important consideration is to choose one that suits your personality and style. Whether this will mean a pipe you can take along with you on-the-go or one of the more distinctive styles, you will be the deciding factor on what works for you. The correct marijuana pipe can make all the difference. Now that you have more information on the different options available, it is time to go out there and choose your 1st one.

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