Let's Heal with CBD: 10 Health Benefits

Let's Heal with CBD: 10 Health Benefits

Cannabis is a natural herb containing more than 400 compounds. While not every compound is specific to it, more than 60 are specific to the plant genus cannabis. These elements are called cannabinoids. Out of these, the two most popular and researched on elements are THC and CBD. While THC is psychoactive in nature, CBD is not. CBD is fast gaining popularity as it has powerful therapeutic and medicinal effects.

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CBD has backed up potential that it can be an effective treatment for:

  1. PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is extremely common among war veterans. The patients experiencing PTSD go through chronic anxiety. They find it difficult to carry out everyday tasks efficiently and with ease. Mostly what is prescribes is addictive anti- anxiety medications and heavy anti- depressants.

With an increase in the knowledge and conclusive researches, a growing number of veterans (and other patients) are opting medical marijuana to deal with PTSD.

Since CBD is known to have anti- anxiety and anti- inflammatory effects, it forms part of a successful treatment plan. It reduces anxiety level and stabilizes the mental state of the patient. Moreover, CBD oil causes no side effects and has no psychoactive properties.

2. Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a complicated mental disorder which is generally treated with pharmaceutical drugs and assisted therapies. However, these medicines cause serious side effects of the health of the patient. While THC being a psychoactive element can elevate the symptoms of schizophrenia, CBD does not have such properties and can even reduce the psychosis developed due to cannabis usage. CBD is an effective and safe treatment for the same, so do get more information on the same.

A popular antipsychotic and CBD were administered on 42 schizophrenia patients in a 2012 study, conducted in Germany. Both the treatments were found to be effective- the effects were similar. It should be noted that CBD is naturally derived and has no side effects. It is definitely a better treatment as compared to chemical medications.

Further researches need to be conducted to introduce CBD for clinical trials.

3. Diabetes

It is believed that cannabidiol can treat complications developed due to diabetes. Symptoms like glaucoma and neuropathic pain can be dealt with CBD. It is also believed that it can CBD may have the potential to reverse, suppress and even cure this disease, as reported by Mark Rosenfeld, CEO of ISA Scientific which is an Israeli company conducting clinical trials on CBD.

4. Acne

Acne is an extremely common skin condition suffered by millions of people worldwide. It may persist due to hormonal changes, food, lifestyle or weather changes. Nevertheless, scientists have been unable to find a ‘cure’.

Interestingly, a study was published in medical journals across States which indicated that CBD can in fact, cure acne. In this study, it was applied on the sebaceous glands of volunteers. Being anti- inflammatory and sebostatic, it was able to successfully inhibit the synthesis of lipids.

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5. To quit smoking

Regular intake of CBD can reduce cigarette consumption, according to a study. It can treat nicotine addiction and when combined with other methods, CBD can successfully help in quitting smoking.

6. Insomnia

Insomniacs who use pharmaceutical medicines often suffer from addictions and other side effects. CBD is used for the same, it can help the user get quality sleep and feel well rested upon waking up. It has relaxing properties without any side effects.

7. Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple tests are being conducted on animals and cell cultures to study the effects of CBD on MS. Conclusions so far have indicated the anti- inflammatory effects of CBD. It is possible to reverse the inflammations in the body and even restore motor skills. Researchers believe that CBD has incredible potential to treat MS and aid in helping patients lead a normal life.

8. Chronic pain

Patients suffering from chronic pain have reported significant relief from CBD. It can provide relief from pain and also prevent generation of the nervous system. It is also effective in treating pain caused due to cancer. Moreover, it doesn’t lead to any addictions as caused by opiods.

9. Oxidative stress

When the body is unable to neutralize excessive radicals, it leads to oxidative stress. It can cause several ailments. Because of a more toxic environment nowadays, it has become far more common than before.

Researchers have found that CBD is a successful antioxidant and also has neuroprotective qualities. It can also reduce the neurological damage caused by the same.

10. Cancer

Cannabis has been found to be an effective treatment for several types of cancer. In fact, the role of CBD in the same is extremely promising. It has the potential to slow down the spread of cancer causing cells. There already is evidence that it can fight inflammation and oxidative stress and thus could also help fight cancer cells.

This miraculous oil is legal in several countries now. For instance, CBD oil in Florida is readily available at medical dispensaries. Several researches are being conducted to conclude further evidences on cannabis seeds, CBD, cannabis strains etc. The promising potential of CBD indicates that it will indeed change the medical future.

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