Top Gardening Tips


Gone are the days when farmers could not garden during certain times of the year due to certain unfavorable weather conditions. Today, farmers do not have to put gardening on hold because it is snowing or raining nonstop, thanks to indoor gardening. With this form of gardening, you can effectively grow anything indoors despite the prevailing weather conditions.

It goes without saying that knowing the proper indoor gardening practices is key to getting the best results. In the light of that, we are going to show you a few simple hacks that you can use to succeed in this kind of gardening.

1. Add Proper Lighting to the Room

Besides nutrients and CO2, plants require sufficient lighting to survive and thrive. With normal gardening, you do not need to bother about lighting because the sun provides enough natural light that plants need to stay alive and flourish. But when it comes to indoor gardening, natural lighting from the sun is unavailable.

Therefore, you will need to add artificial light in the room to make for this. Consequently, you will need to buy a special bulb known as "grow light bulb" to provide proper lighting.

Grow light bulbs are not designed for the normal lighting purpose. Instead, they are made to provide the right artificial light that can support plants. These bulbs emit a special electromagnetic radiation that mimics sunlight. NOTE: Never use a normal bulb at any one time for indoor gardening purposes.

2. Select a Good Growing Medium

Since the surface of your room is probably cemented over, it means you are going to need a growing medium in which your crops will grow. Of course, many varieties of growing media are readily available both online and in local stores selling gardening products and supplies. It is important to note, however, that not all products are good for crops. Some growing media variants can be so poor in quality that plants will flourish well.

It really helps to know how to choose a good quality growing medium. A good rule of thumb is to choose one with the highest number of plant nutrients. In addition, the product should be usable as a growing medium itself without the need to mix with fillers and additives like perlite or peat.

3. Nourish Your Plants

Since indoor gardening means growing plants in a growing medium as opposed to natural soil, you will need to add nutrients often times. Even if it is a quality growing medium with abundant nutrients for your plants, you will need to add a fertilizer after every certain duration to get the best results. Be sure to consult an indoor gardening expert though to avoid adding too much or too little fertilizer to the medium, which could have a negative impact on your plants.

4. Use Proper Tools

Indoor gardening requires special devices, tools, and equipment to get the best results. You will need to invest in tools like hand fork, and pruner. Nevertheless, you will need to obtain equipment like a growing box/tent as well as an indoor watering can. Finally, you will need to look for special devices such as a WI-FI plant sensor, self-watering plant or moisture sensor meter.

To ensure the growing media is fertilized properly, you will need to break it up into very tiny pieces before adding fertilizer. With proper fertilization, the plants will be able to get the nutrients they require more easily, thereby growing healthy. A hand fork will enable you to crumble the medium effectively.

Although there are many watering cans that you can decide to use to water your plants, we recommend using an indoor watering can. This will enable you to water your plants more effectively.

In as much as you can choose not to invest in a growing box, you will only get good results by growing crops inside one such box. This is because a growing box creates the most appropriate environment for indoor gardening.

Last but not least, you will need a WI-FI plant sensor or a sensor meter for monitoring the moisture, temperature, and lighting of indoor and outdoor plants. Then you can make the necessary adjustments if need be.

Final Thoughts

Indoor gardening is a great way to grow crops and produce food for your family all year round. Nothing like harsh weather elements can stop you from gardening. Whether it is winter or summer, autumn or spring, you will be able to grow vegetables, fruits or other things for domestic consumption or commercial purposes. Use these simple tips to get the best results with this form of gardening.

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