This isn't Your Dad's Marijuana

This isn’t Your Dad’s Marijuana

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There was a time when marijuana use was not only taboo, it was unknown. People were attracted by the mystery of it and didn’t think to ask too many questions about the substance, where it came from, or what it did to our bodies. As time rolled on, people started to become more aware of what cannabis was, where it was coming from, and how it was impacting our cognitive abilities. As a result, people are more aware than ever of what they put in their bodies and some even criticize the popular substance altogether. But still, cannabis continues to make its way around the globe in new and unique forms because as the old saying goes, you can keep a good thing down.

The more we’ve come to know about cannabis , the more research and development has been conducted to find out just what makes this little leafy plant so special. It turns out, of course, that marijuana is doing way more for people than just helping them get high. With the recent rise of medical marijuana around the globe, people are sitting up and paying attention to what many knew all along: it’s not bad for you.

Still though, there remain a set of critics that won’t entertain the idea that the skunky substance does anything but kill brain cells. The truth is that we don’t actually know all there is to know about cannabis and more work is needed to find out the long-term effects, if any. Because here’s the thing: even if we studied what your dad was smoking back in 1969, the product has changed so drastically over the last half century that there is really no way of knowing for sure that the long-term effects people your dad’s age experienced are going to impact people smoking pot 50 years from now. It’s just not the same thing. It’s like apples and oranges.

Most notably, however, is the tremendous strides that have been made in pain management and trauma-management related to cannabis use. With the introductions of THC oils - of all shapes and sizes - and different strains of cannabis being cultivated, cannabis is no longer just something that comes out on Saturday night in the backseat of a car overlooking a city view from a hill. It’s everywhere we look. Many of our family members have adopted cannabis-based treatment plans and have made incredible progress in the management of their pain and PTSD. Entire businesses have popped up, seemingly overnight, and new strains of cannabis are being developed as we speak.

It’s no wonder people are confused about the changes and implications of the industry seeming to explode in such a short period of time. One might argue that it’s only a hot topic because of social media, and while that might be true, one could argue that it was bound to happen. As we continue to evolve and become more tech-savvy and dependent, more and more of us are turning back to our roots and to the earth that sustains us to try to recoup some of the health we have lost as a society. Slow food movements, farmer’s markets, growing our own vegetables, and trying plant-based remedies before going to see a doctor: these are all trends that are happening right now in North America because people are tired of waiting for their health care system to get it right.

One shouldn’t be surprised to find that cannabis has made a pivot from recreational drug to mainstream prescription remedy. With the right combination of strain and use, people can lead totally different lives. And yes, they can also smoke a joint and get high, but that’s a different conversation. The point is that if you consider how far we’ve come with what was once thought to be a hippy’s vice and a pothead’s source of income, what else could we achieve and overcome if we just put our minds to it? People who like cheap dab rings to smoke street pot and people who like prescription cannabis in an oil form have something in common these days: If we all focused on anything as hard as we’ve been focusing on cannabis use, the world would be a much better place, people would feel less pain, and suffer in silence no more. So the next time someone starts ragging on cannabis use because they grew up in the 60s, remind them that this isn’t the same thing, man.

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