A Holdings company was created to acquire and build a portfolio of some of the best companies in the

Majestic Group Holdings company was created to acquire and build a portfolio of some of the best companies in the Cannabis Market Today. With demand rising, and the industry booming, legal marijuana operators and companies in the cannabis industry are racing to develop new products and services, acquire land and other assets to enable the enhancement of drastically increasing revenue streams and production capabilities.

We bring the best management available to expand these companies to their maximum growth, and potential. Majestic has acquired other companies as well, to create tremendous synergy, and to bring additional revenue,and with the greatest structure possible, the company will deliver the strongest values for their shareholders.

Vision: We build long term value for our investors through the strength of our research and development and by consistently producing profitable growth through superior quality and commitment to the highest standards.

Mission: We will serve our shareholders with top notch service in our industry while facilitating extraordinary growth and sustainable profitability with cutting edge standards.

Values: Conduct business with integrity and fairness Focus on Investor needs-Continuously train our employees and improve our processes - Provide quality products and services-Reward employees on merit and promote team work-Maintain safe and healthy work environments.


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