This may be the cannabis stock to own in 2018...

We've recently all got excited about the cryptocurrency hype, but the gravy train has taken a step back recently with a number of set backs including the gloomy talk about the ban of trading in certain countries.

With this in mind, many traders are looking for the next best thing. We're in the same situation ourselves and have a recommendation for you all, in a niche that we're all fans of.

This may be the cannabis stock to own in 2018... PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (OTC:POTN) is ready to conquer 2018 after record-breaking achievements in the past 12 months. The hemp-derived CBD market is on fire, and POTN is perfectly positioned to take advantage.

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The company is filing for a name change to better reflect its direction. By repositioning the company as a holding company, our new strategic focus is to acquire, manage, and support the expansion and growth of various companies engaged in cannabis, nutrition, media, and recycling companies. With demand rising, and the industry booming, legal marijuana operators and companies entering the cannabis industry are racing to develop new products and services, acquire land and other assets to enable the enhancement of drastically increasing revenue streams and production capabilities. We bring the best management available to expand these companies and help them achieve their maximum growth, and potential. Majestic is completing other acquisitions which will add tremendous synergies, bring additional revenue, and implement the best possible structure, to deliver robust values for their shareholders.

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