We're Going to Amsterdam!

What better way to spend Christmas than in the café's of Amsterdam?

This year I found myself single at Christmas for the first time in a long time and realised that I don't fancy doing Christmas this year! So I began to think about my options and one of the first things I did was to Google if the café's in Amsterdam are open on Christmas day. My face slowly began to shift into a cheeky smile when I realised that at least half of the cafe's should be open over the Christmas period! (Including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day!)

Needless to say, Amsterdam was booked the same day. I'll be taking my laptop and working on the Trip Music section of the website and preparing a special mix in preparation for hitting over 1 Million viewers on YouTube! I will be doing this whilst sampling some of the finest bud in the World, so I expect my music to be particularly trippy for the next mix!

I will also post a future blog containing information on the café's that I visit along with some of the strains and pictures. Keep peeled for this!


Here is my first track for the upcoming mix - Check it out! :)

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