Thinking about quitting weed?

Marijuana was once a big taboo that not many talked about. After 1937, which was the year marijuana became a federal crime, talks about weed had gone down. No one would mention it, protest it or even bring it up. The 60’s and 70’s had some people protesting on the legalization of weed. California started the big movement to decriminalization when they announced the legalization of medical marijuana. Many people who did not believe in the medical powers cannabis holds, say medical marijuana was just a gimmick to let people smoke recreationally. Well this was disrespectful to patients who really needed it. More states started to follow suit and legalize it themselves for medical use. In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first two states to legalize it purely for recreational and medical use. Several states have followed since.

With the legalization, you will start to notice more billboards or advertisements related to it. There will be naysayers on the other side trying to get you not to smoke or how to stop smoking weed but what is there reason behind this? Usually you will find out if you follow the money trail and see which lobbyist is getting paid for what.

With all this said, no one seems to talk about the minor effects that marijuana withdrawal symptoms you can get after you stop smoking after a long time. Whether we accept it or not, marijuana does have some after effects. You might have noticed the grogginess after a late night smoke sesh or the inconsiderable amount you ate but we are not talking about those. These are the three most well-know withdrawals you get from marijuana. Unlike other drugs, withdrawals from cannabis only last a couple days and can easily be combated.

Sleep - Not being able to sleep or fall asleep as quick as before is one symptom you will feel the same night. Smoking cannabis gets you lethargic and helps you sleep, depending on the strain. When you do it too much and your body is used to sleeping with some form of aid, that's how it will get used to it.

Appetite - Another one is the lack of appetite. Marijuana causes the munchies as we all know. This helps you eat more but once you stop smoking or using cannabis, your body is not used to it. Therefore, you appetite closes up. You will notice this rather quickly and it may last through half the first day. After that you will be eating like normal by dinner.

Anger - A symptom that not many tend to get is usually a short bout of anger. You’re used to being calm and mellow, you tend to start noticing little things more when you’re sober. This will cause you to get annoyed quicker.

These effects only last a couple days. Two great natural remedies are meditation and exercising. Meditation is great at bringing the body to a winding down state. It helps you relax and be mindful. Exercising will help all three from relax you, open your appetite and even release your anger by releasing dopamine.

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