A Stoners Guide to... Our Universe

A Stoner's Guide to... Our Universe

When we run out of weed we may think about getting that next batch in to keep us forever stoned. Some of us may be frustrated at the fact that we have to go to Dave down on the other side of town to get some weed. Or we have to get in the car to a few miles away. How inconvenient! When we think about distance from one place to another on Earth, it can seem like we're living on an absolutely massive planet. But in reality, we are living on a very tiny planet in a very minor galaxy.

It is all relative to size. As humans we have the right to feel large compared to other living things, but again in reality we are virtually non-existent in terms of size.

Take a look at this short, interesting video for a real perspective of how small we really are! (Best enjoyed with a blunt)

Fuck me... pass me the bong! I mean, how crazy is this? This science boggles the mind even when you're not stoned. When you're stoned it leaves you with a million things to think about. It's all a little bit beautiful in reality... we're a tiny part of a massive living organism... so the pressure is off us a little! (Time to roll another blunt, then.)

But that's not it. You can find a million videos out there about this kind of thing... I would like to recommend one more if you're still feeling it. Take a look at this short video which shows you Laniakea which is our home supercluster.

Enjoy the trip.

Paul - smokingcannabis.com

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