A Closer Look At Kratom and Marijuana

A Closer Look At Kratom and Marijuana

Kratom ideally known as ketum or Mitragyna speciosa is an evergreen and tropical deciduous tree that is native to Southeast Asia. The leaves of this tree are usually large, oval and smooth and are usually used by farmers in Thailand to mitigate body pains and provide energy. Marijuana or weed (as many people like to call it) comes from Cannabis sativa, an annual herbaceous plant in the genus Cannabis.

So, what are the main differences between marijuana and kratom?

These two species come from different plants that portray curative properties. Kratom is mainly used in the countries found in Southeast Asia, and it's extracted from the leaves of a tree known as mitragynine. Marijuana or weed, on the other hand, is obtained from the plant Cannabis Sativa. As you can see, these two plants are different. However, they have partial similarities when it comes to the achievements of an addictive effect.

While Kratom and weed do not share similarities in terms of origin and appearance, they are used for the same purpose as they are known to mitigate physical and mental pains as well as anxiety. Some people even mix the two plants to increase the effectiveness of each substance.

What about the legal issues?

Well, it's legal to sell and use kratom in the United States, but marijuana is illegal in most of the states. However, weed is legal for medical purposes. Currently, marijuana is legal in Colorado and Washington for therapeutic medical uses.

About twenty states in the United States of America have passed laws for the legalization of weed for recreational and medical uses. In the past, marijuana was commonly seen as a party drug, but with research, it has been seen to have positive effects when it comes to treating certain ailments. Today, marijuana can be purchased in some dispensaries across the Nation.

However, lawmakers still regard marijuana and Kratom as substances that produce harmful intoxicants, and that explains the huge doubt of the natural medical curative benefits that both are said to offer. While both of these plants are legal in certain areas, they are still known to be highly addictive.

To date, there has been no report of adverse side effects of combining these two substances together. However, it does not mean that's it is entirely safe to mix the two herbs to get a powerful effect of each. Mixing certain herbs call for knowledge on what is compatible with each and their various strains as well. Keep in mind that these two herbs vary greatly in terms of their chemical composition and have different effects on different people. As such, it is always advisable to consult your physician when planning to combine the two. Even if there is no record of adverse effects of combining them, it's always wise to study your options so as to know what works best for you and to remain safe.

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