My Experience With Shrooms And Why I Would Recommend Them.

Credit: asap science

The date is around May 2012 - Location Asheville NC. I was sat at a bar killing some time with a Jack and Coke reading when an interesting, dreadlocked lady grabs the seat next to me at the bar. How the conversation started is lost to history but about 3 hours later I'm sitting in the back of her car with a few cans of Bud heading towards a moon party out in the sticks with her and her hippie friend. To be fair, they were both pretty 'out there' and certainly not the stereotypical human. Not that that's a bad thing, mind. The girl I met in the bar was a 20 something year old who was testing life on the road whilst doing some 'WWOOFING'. (Farming in exchange for free board/food). The other girl was just a full blown hippie chick who was well and truly in her own World.

After an hour of driving into the mountains we take a right off the highway into a tiny road which we follow for around 10 minutes. We finally arrive at a huge opening surrounded by Mountains, waterfalls, trees and around 50 people or so with tents, cars and a live DJ setup in the middle.

About 20 minutes later after unpacking (I only had a crate of beer) a happy looking dude came over offering Shrooms. I would usually not think twice about it and say no thanks. But the hippy girl said "Sure. We'll take some!" at which point I pretty much instantly decided 'why the fuck not'. I'd always wondered about Shrooms and I was previously told to have them around people you trust, feel comfortable with and in a really good environment. Well, to be fair I felt comfortable, I was in the best environment I could expect in the situation and I almost trusted them... so why not?

I found buying shrooms to be such a strange transaction compared to buying cannabis. The guy who sold the shrooms had made them himself. They were packaged in red foil and were actually in the form of chocolate. He hugged us all after buying them and wished us a great evening and to really enjoy ourselves. The sincerity was strange to me but later I would realise that it's all about the good vibes.

So about ten minutes later we all ate our shrooms. I was warned that after about 20 minutes or so I would likely feel like i'm about to be sick... but I shouldn't be worried as this is perfectly normal. This is the shrooms kicking in.


To begin with, I just carried on drinking my beer. I didn't feel much up until I almost vomited all over myself. Thankfully, I didn't. At this point the hippie girl literally twirled off into the distance and the original girl I met ended up fucking off with this guy. So i'm here on my own coming up off a drug I've never had before... in a country I've never been to before with nothing but a crate of beer and a sick set of tunes being played by the DJ. At this point the music was getting really good. Or was it? Maybe I was just getting high. Who knows... who the fuck even cares.

I decided to take a seat on the grass as everyone did leave their coats and things here so I took it upon myself to be the guardian of the clothing. Great. But... wait a minute? What the fuck is going on... I... I can feel something that I've never felt before. I tuned into a sense that I never imagined we could. I could FEEL people walking on the grass around me. I could feel the vibrations of their feet on the ground. I mean, what the fuck?! It didn't freak me out... in fact I was quite amazed. Apart from that at this point all I felt was pretty fucking good about myself.

Later they come back with other people. I'm eager to get in and talk to everyone because i'm high as fuck. Somebody taught me how to play with fire. Yes, that's right... how to PLAY WITH FIRE! There were sticks around on fire. I learnt to play with fire using my hands by running them around it. I was doing this for minutes... possibly hours... before I realised that my hands had turned black. I wasn't in pain because they weren't actually burnt. But the feeling of playing with fire was really something that I'd never experienced before. I was literally in tune with nature.

Ten minutes later I sat down looking at the moon. It was a moon party because the moon was fucking huge. I literally stared at it in amazement for a while whilst feeling very primal. I realised that I was plucking grass up and throwing it... realising that I was possibly sending out bad vibes by being destructive I decided to pick up a local stick. I stared at it for a while when all of a sudden... WOW.

Wow fucking wow wow. The stick... there was A BRIGHT LIGHT going from me into the stick... or going from the stick into me I'm not quite sure which. But it was fucking amazing. I mean, to anybody else I was just a dude starting deeply at a stick with a look of pure disbelief. But to me... through my eyes... I was witnessing a miracle... a real connection to nature.

Shortly after this I noticed somebody had left a coat on a chair not far from me. It looked at me fucking weird. I mean, it literally had the face of the hat from harry potter that decided which houses the kids would go into. Not the best vibes. So as i was alone again I shouted over to this guy who was stood not far from me on his own, watching the DJ "Hey man. This might sound a bit weird, but does that coat having a fucking horrible face?" to which he said No. But... he understood where I was coming from. He must have been the only sober guy there so I offered him some of my shrooms which he accepted.

From that point on... many people came and went. Many conversations were had. For some reason I was not adventurous enough to go to the fire were the majority of people was sitting down. I was fucking cold at this point to. But no, for me... to the toilet and back again was the furthest I went. Which was pretty good because as I looked at the floor whilst i was moving, it looked (but not felt) like I was walking in a swamp.

I noticed my high kept going and coming back again... this was a feeling that I was not used to. We were in a bit of a circle (I was stoned by this point too) and I asked "Why do I feel like my shrooms have worn off?" to which one dude replied that the high of shrooms comes in waves. At which point I got high as fuck again. As we were stood in this circle I realised that everything here was a big deal. For example, we were all so connected with each other at one point somebody dropped something to the floor (Like a piece of paper or something) and we all went WOAAAH... And we all tried to help picking it up.

Next thing I new... the sun was rising again. We'd been here a good 12 hours or maybe even more... maybe getting on for 20 hours. I'd had a great time... and little did I realise that from this day my view on life would change. I'd become a much more chilled out individual. I loved people that little bit more. I loved nature a whole lot more. I realised that... Yeah... Life is good. And life will be good for as long as we want it to be. Shrooms allowed me to be more open minded and to think outside the box that little bit more. But of course I had a good trip... my friend who I originally met in the bar did not. She apparently felt like her lungs weren't working and was in a bad way for a while... but I didn't see all that.

I also realised that before this experience I didn't always say everything that I wanted to. I kept certain things to myself. Even little things. For example, at one point early on after taking the shrooms I wanted to thank Rachel (the girl I originally met in the bar) for taking me here... but apart of me couldn't say such a simple thing. I realised that after minutes and minutes my mind wouldn't let it go and I thought to myself... Why do I not say things when they're on my mind? What is the point in keeping it inside. Even if it's something little. Express yourself.

Enjoy responsibly ladies and gentlemen.

Paul -

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