Sativa VS Indica - Which is best for me?


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When I first began smoking I was completely unaware about the differences between strains of cannabis. I was pretty much down to smoke anything, as long as it was green-ish and got me stoned. As I got older, I became more of a snob when it came to what marijuana I smoked. No more beasters, schwag, or mids. I preferred the finest marijuana I could find in my prohibition state. Now that I am a current resident of Denver, Colorado where cannabis is legal, recreationally and medicinally, I have been asked the same question over and over: Do I prefer sativas or indicas? The answer to this question is not as easy as you would think.

Sativa dominant strains are what most people consider to be “daytime strains”. Oftentimes individuals find themselves feeling very talkative, or active after ingesting a sativa. I find sativas to also be a hunger suppressant. If I smoke a joint of a sativa in the morning, I will forget to eat until much later in the day, which may have to do with my mind being full of thoughts. I always recommend a sativa strain to anyone who plans to be physically active during the day or if they are looking to be creative. Indicas have quite an opposite effect. Sativas have a tendency to bring out anxiety and paranoia, while indicas give a more relaxing effect.

I have recently started consuming a lot more indica dominant strains to help with chronic pain and anxiety. Indicas are a nice way to end the day because they are very relaxing and give people more of a body high. Sometimes a heavy indica strain will “couch lock” you if you smoke it too early in the day, making you a bit lazy and very comfortable. Indicas can also increase your appetite. I find this to be true, because every time I smoke an indica my entire pantry ends up empty from hardcore munchies. Indicas are still not my go-to strains and neither are sativas. I tend to lean more towards something in the middle.

When it comes to my personal consumption, indica dominant strains and sativa dominant strains have their time and place. I always find myself, in my favorite dispensary, picking out a hybrid strain. Hybrids are the best type of cannabis strain for me because you get the best of both worlds: sativa and indica all in one. I prefer for my strain to test out at a perfect 50/50 distribution. Hybrids are not limiting to one effect. I can sleep on a hybrid strain, or I can write a poem. I just love the versatility of hybrid strains, and they make consumption feel a little less complicated.

With all the strains to chose from here in Colorado it really is hard to pick just one kind. But luckily the cannabis industry is on the rise making strain education more prevalent. Picking the right strain has never been easier.

Please note: my preferences are not a recommendation for your own personal consumption. Please contact your local caregiver (if you live in a non-prohibition state) to discuss which strains are best for you.

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