How to roll a perfect joint






Rolling tray (optional)


Poker (optional)

Step One: Grind your Cannabis.

Grinding your cannabis is an important step to ensure that you can easily roll the cannabis into the joint. Be cautious of small stems (death stems as I call em) as they can poke holes through your rolling paper and ruin your smoke.

Step Two: Get your papers and top ready.

Make sure you have your papers and tips ready, its always good to have all your tools set out before you begin rolling.

Step Three: Fill paper with cannabis.

Hold the paper between your thumb, pointer finger, and middle finger. Distribute the cannabis evenly along the paper to make sure your joint doesn’t smoke unevenly. Make sure to leave space at one end to insert the tip later on.

Step four: Roll it up.

When you roll up your cannabis in the paper you rub both sides of the paper together to push the cannabis down towards the centre crease of the paper. Do not roll it too tight; just make it so the cannabis is evenly rolled together throughout the crease. Again, don’t forget to leave space at the end to add the tip later. Roll the sticky side of the paper up while rolling the cannabis down to the side that is not sticky. Roll the cannabis into the crease with the unglued part of the paper. Once the unglued side of the paper is in the crease, roll the cannabis back up to the glued side.

Step five: Lick it to stick it.

Use your tongue to make the glue on the paper wet, but be light with the saliva, no one wants to smoke a wet joint. Roll the paper into the glue and ensure that it sticks along the whole joint. If the paper is too wet, it will make it difficult to slide the tip/filter into the paper.

Step six: Roll tip

To create the tip you fold on end back and forth about three times then wrap the unfolded part of the tip around to create a cylinder with a “w” in the centre.

Step seven: Put the tip in the joint.

On the end you initially left space in while rolling the joint, simply slide the tip in. You can twist the tip very small if it does not fit, and then let it expand in the free space to create a proper seal.

Step eight: Twist end of the joint.

Before you twist the end of the joint, if there is space in the end, use your poker tool to lightly pack in the rest of the cannabis. Twisting the end of the joint is optional, but it makes it easier to light.

Now you know how to roll a perfect joint!

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