Medical Cannabis and Cancer

Stoney Joney here for all things cannabis! Now I could make my first post about how much I love smoking a joint or a recipe for some dank pot brownies. But I'm going to take this in a bit more of a serious direction(sorry).

I'm from Washington state, one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. Awesome right?! No. I understand you have to be 21 to purchase the weed and all the goodies (not pipes and bongs) but my uncle who served this country in the army was recently diagnosed with stage four lung and Colon cancer. I saw him for the first time yesterday since he found out he was sick.

All of his hair is gone from chemo, he is skin and bones, he's not my uncle mike anymore.. But he told me he has been using cbd oil in his vape pen because he can no longer smoke which would make it so easy because I could call my guy up and get him and oz. but it's a little harder than that. I mean I could make my own brownies but then my house smells, the cops get called, I tell them it's for my sick uncle, they laugh and throw my ass in jail. Or something like that. I messaged a closed friend of mine asking if he could help me find some brownies he was going to charge me 15 dollars for ONE BROWNIE! I laughed in his face.

Even if he pays off a doctor to recommend him for a medical card he still has to buy a card and membership to that dispensary. That's about 350 dollars down the drain and you still don't have any weed yet. Even if the weed isn't curing him I want him to be able to eat something and fill his belly with food to help him get stronger. He ate half a taco the other night.. He's 6'5.. He should eat at least 4 filled tacos. Him not eating isn't helping him get better. I'm rambling now but riddle me this, why can the shit out a new iPhone every ten months but give cancer patients the proper medication?

Tell me why that is because I sure as hell don't get it. Maybe I'm the only who is confused and having issues here but I live in Washington I feel like I should be having the least trouble. There is a plant that can possibly help save my uncles life but the government thinks they need to keep it out of our reach. So I'll just sit here a smoke another joint and pray for my uncle Mike. ~Stoney Joney~

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