Smoking Cannabis For The First Time?

Best Advice for Up and Coming Stoners.

There are many different rules, cheats, and ways of living for stoners. Most of us avid pot heads know what they are, but what if you just started this groovy way of life? In this article I am going to give all of you lil druggies some advice about how to stay safe and have a good high every time:)

First of all if you have been smoking for a while you know there are some days where you just get a bad high, whether it's just you being too paranoid or you just had a shitty day and your mind is just bumming you out. I know it can be hard to control your high at first, but it is possible! First you just have to have your mind be completely focused on one thing. I usually just picture sand dunes just blowing. I think about that beautiful shit till I am all calmed down and I can just be completely zen with myself. Once I am relaxed I just keep my mind on the positives, but not to the point where I am avoiding the negatives. Just a nice balance has to happen and it takes a while to master for some people and that's okay.

Next is know who to fucking smoke with! This is oh so crazy important, because if you can't be yourself with the people you are smoking with you guys are not going to vibe with each other and it becomes this whole stressful smoke circle where they are all just there to get high. WHICH IS NOT WHAT A SMOKING CIRCLE SHOULD BE!! A good smoke circle should be some open minded stoners with a good attitude who are there to vibe, get stoned, and have a good time. Do not smoke with people who have nothing nice to say or just make you hella paranoid! Like, hell no man! You need a best bud who brings munchies for the two of you, doesn't talk too much and is ALWAYS down to just chill out. Those are the kind of beautiful souls you need in your life. The ones that will go into a gas station at two in the morning on a tuesday to heat up some burritos, because it just sounds so fantastic:)

Always be yourself. It doesn't matter where you are who you are with, or if you are stoned or not. Be yourself don't try and fit into a stereotype. Like I mean I might be a hippie but I still eat meat and buy designer brands every now and then. Like be you dude cause there are a million stoners out there and we all have shit in common, but always have something different about you, no matter what trends are going on or who's style is inspiring you. You do you kid, and that's what life is all about!

Fuck Society, yeah man it sucks you are going to be bashed on for smoking a plant. It will suck. you might lose friends, but you make so many more friends who have a better mindset about life and will actually help you with problems instead of making you feel bad for the shit you do. No matter what its just society telling you to fit into the cookie cut out of an average young adult. My motto is "If you are proud of yourself and are happy, then fuck what everyone else has to say" Because really all you need is a whole lot of self love to keep yourself happy and smoking weed makes me happy and I love myself if I am doing it or if I am not. I don't let anything define me and neither should you:)

I hope all of this helped you guys out with whatever you needed from it, if it was just something to read or you actually needed some advice! Keep smoking and having a good time while doing it:) Peace and love to all of you xx

-Jennn Leigh

Instagram: jennn_thehuman


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