Marijuana for Pets?!


With the growing interest in pot, its recreational use, and legalization there has been another market that has been secretly rising: Pot for Pets!

Who would have thought, right? I mean, why not! Right?

The fact is, is that it's not all about THC (the ingredient in cannabis that gives the high). Its actually more about CBD (the more healing ingredient in cannabis that is non-psychoactive). Doctors and scientists around the world have been looking very closely at our furry friends and how marijuana affects common synonymous symptoms to ailments that are almost similar to ours. Of course no one is expecting Pooch to roll a doobie and smoke it, which is why edibles like treats, biscuits, and capsules have been made to be more user friendly for our BFF’s. And the dosage of CBD used is fairly low. Studies have shown that symptoms of pain from inflammation to treating epilepsy, have proven that cannabis can help them, too.

Companies like “Treat-ibles” have joined the movement as well. Their well informed website ( shows that this is not just a money scheme with them. They provide animal-lovers with the information that need to make educated decisions about the needs of their most precious loved ones. This website also has links to various research that has been done surrounding ailments like mood disorders, nausea, cardiac health, cancer, and brain health,...just to name a few. And actually, its incredible to see!

For a bag of 40 treats, ….. only $22.00 #WoW or should I say “Woof, woof!”

There is a downside, however. They are only licensed in the State of California and has not been approved by the FDA. As the movement for legalization of marijuana becomes more popular, please be assured so will “Treat-ibles”.

The founder of “Treat-ibles”, Julianna Carella, had this to say when speaking to the Huffington Post about misinformation and stigmas surrounding pot:

“There's certainly skepticism. I think that stems from the stigma around cannabis in general. ... And a lot of people don't know about CBD. They don't realize there's many children taking this for epilepsy. They're giving this to [veterans] for post traumatic stress disorder. It's just got this huge range of uses, and why should we let our pets suffer? They need to feel free to move around without pain, without depression. You see a general lifting of their mood when they consume the CBD.”

In the meantime, you can support “Treat-ibles” by just simply spreading the word. I am sure this will give a boost to our cause.

My Take: Go for it! Because even I would do almost anything to help someone I loved, very much. Make sure to follow them on twitter: @treatibles and facebook:



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