Why Do People Smoke Cannabis With Tobacco?

For some, Smoking Cannabis with tobacco included in the joint is essential. It’s the norm for them. While others hate having any trace of tobacco in their smoke. So why is this the case? Well, even adding a tiny amount of tobacco can seriously affect the high and the enjoyment of the joint.

There are pros and cons for both and it really is down to personal preference. Below, I will list the main differences between a joint and a spliff. A spliff is basically just a joint but with tobacco added. It’s very popular in the UK to smoke a spliff.

Why people add tobacco to their weed:

  • Adding just a small trace of tobacco can help with the burning of the Cannabis. This means that you can smoke without having to keep relighting.

  • It makes smoking slightly less strong than the joint.

  • It gives tobacco smokers the added nicotine kick that they sometimes require.

  • Some people choose to add tobacco only to bongs, as bongs can be harsh without.

Why people smoke pure:

  • It gives a nicer, cleaner high.

  • Joints / blunts are slightly stronger

  • No added chemicals, just the pure natural stuff

  • Tobacco smoke causes cancer, marijuana smoke does not.

  • For a purer & more natural taste

So it really is down to individual preference. Some smokers swear by toking only pure, whilst others insist on having small amounts of tobacco. Which kind of smoker are you?

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