How To Use A Glass Bubbler


What is a Glass Bubbler and Can You Vaporize with It?

There are different devices out there used to smoke all types of substances, some work better than others. One of the most common is the glass bubbler, a relatively simple device based on an old concept that is gaining new ground in today’s market. A glass bubbler can function not only with a lighter or fire, as a heating element, but with a vaporizer as well. A vaporizer is a device that does not extract the ingredients from plant material, but it actually vaporizes the herbs in a convection or conduction form, without combustion.

A glass bubbler is a pipe that when you take a pull, the smoke will go down the tube to where there is water. The water will create bubbles of smoke that are cooled compared to taking a pull from a device that has no water. Basically, the bubbler uses the same concept as bongs, but in a smaller, pipe-shaped device that can be used with a vaporizer. While bubbler pipes can be made from different materials, glass is arguably the most common as it is easier to clean. Plus, you get to see the bubbler pipe in action when you take a draw.

How to Use a Glass Bubbler

Bubbler pipes are relatively easy and straightforward to use, even cheap glass bubblers are very simple in terms of their operation. Before you start, the glass bubbler will have to be properly cleaned in warm water using mild dish soap. For a thorough cleaning, you may need a pipe cleaner to get out all residue left behind. However, if your pipe is made entirely from glass, you can also boil it to sterilize it and to get rid of the grime.

Once cleaned, put a small funnel into the stem. There are some cheap bubbler pipes that may be filled by putting a funnel in the bowl. Fill the bubbler about half full of water leaving enough room for the smoke to collect. Next, dry the outside of the bowl using a paper towel or cloth before you smoke.

You can test the level of the water by smoking just a bit of tobacco. This will make sure that the smoke is building up correctly in the chamber. Once you know the level that works the best, you should not have to test it again. Now you are ready to smoke using your bubbler pipe. Tips on Using a Glass Bubbler

First, you’ll want to change out the water frequently in your bubbler as it will get dirty fairly quickly. You do not have to change it out after every use, but you will want to pour it out and add new water on a regular basis.

Clean your pipe often to prevent any residue from building up and interfering with the operation or enjoyment of your glass bubbler pipe. Again, if your bubbler is made entirely from glass is can be put into boiling water which should remove virtually all the residue without harming the device.

Bubblers are associated with smoking illegal substances such as marijuana. So carrying them around in public may not be the best idea even if you only use it for legal herbs or tobacco products. Even in state where marijuana is legal, there is a public stigma attached to using this type of device.

So, it is generally best to use the bubbler at home or in a private place so you will get many years of service from your device.


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