Top Stoner Food For Stoners By Stoners!


The kitchen can be a wonderful place when you're stoned. It's got everything there that you need to keep you happy, One thing we all realise on the munchies is that foods which you wouldn't normally like suddenly tastes amazing. Well, the great news is that foods which usually taste amazing to you will taste 100% better whilst you're stoned!

So, what foods are best for when you're stoned I hear you ask? We believe that texture is important here and it adds value to be creative and bold. Here is our top selection:

1. Warm apple pie covered in an ice cream flavor of your choice and two sauces of your choice. It's also a great idea to sprinkle a Cadbury Flake on top or a similar flakey chocolate bar. Mmmm yummy!

2, Stoner cereal. If you've just had a Wake N Bake, the chances are that you've not had your (proper) breakfast yet! So, get down to the kitchen and pull out three of your favorite cereals and mix them together. It's good to add the type of light cereal that floats to the top first (Coco pops, rice crispies for example) and add the heavier cereals second (Like Frosties, Corn flakes etc). Why not try using a milkshake instead of milk as an added bonus to your meal?

3. Pizza with added OOOOMF. Grab your favorite pizza and add two of your favorite foods, Depending on the food, it may be a good idea to cook them separately and them add the food to the pizza at the end. We recommend adding Bacon, fries & noodles. (Yes, we said noodles).

4. In order to cater for our healthier readers, we would like to recommend a home made smoothie. Or... A smoothie bought from the shop might be easier. Just mix your favorite fruits and cure that cotton mouth!

5. I know we've had ice cream already, but it's just so damn good when you're baked. This next one is good if you're out and about. Getyourself to a local McDonald's and buy yourself a McFlurry of your choice and a McDonald's warm apple pie. Of course, you put the apple pie in the McFlurry pot and mix them together. And added bonus would be if you can get to KFC and throw in some Popcorn Chicken! McWinner!

We hope you enjoy these recipes. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

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