Ten Things To Do Whilst Smoking Cannabis


So you've come home from a hard days work, sparked a doob and wondered what to do next to help you relax? Or maybe you've just woken up and done the honorable thing and had a wake N bake? Or possibly you're on your sixth bong in an hour, whatever your situation, you've come to the right place if you would like some inspiration on good things to do whilst being high/stoned!

1. Do Something Creative! Cannabis gets your creative juices flowing and really puts you in a zone! It's great for writers block or much needed inspiration. After smoking cannabis, things just happen. What better way to enjoy your time than smoking cannabis and then making music for example? Or starting on that blog or writing that book you've been thinking about writing for years. Now is the time! 2. Play A Game. Is there anything better than sparking a joint and then cracking some skulls on Call of Duty? I mean, any game will suffice. Our favorites include: Counter Strike because it's old school (PC), Left for Dead 2 because killing a horde of zombies with a chainsaw is BOSS (PC) GTA because it's the thug life, and Age of Empires, simply because building an empire from scratch and then kicking ass is a quality way to spend your time! Let's be honest, doing this even when you're not high is good... But you can really get into your game after a spliff. 3. Listen to Music & C h I l l. There is no finer way to relax your goodself than chilling out to a bit of Bob and a spliff. Free da herb! It's also a good idea to experimentate with music whilst smoking cannabis, as it can really affect your high sometimes. 4. Eat Food / Drink We've all been there... It's 2am and you're home after a night out at your mates gaff and you're on the munchies. Well, gather your troops and prepare to raid the fridge... Cupboards... Freezer... And even order a takeaway. Food tastes amazing after smoking cannabis, so don't stop until your fully satisfied. Also, it's nice to wash the food down with a nice fruity drink. You don't want to end up with desert mouth, do you? 5. Get laid This may come to some of you as a no brainer. After smoking cannabis, sex is a must. If you don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend, don't fret. Crack open the lube and get to your favorite porn site! 6. Roll another joint. What better way to spend your time smoking cannabis is there than preparing your next joint! Even if you're not ready to toke yet, it's good to be ahead of the game. 7. Discuss things with friends Debates and the things that you're most passionate about can become a really interesting conversation topic amongst your cannabis smoking friends. Theories, persuasion, hints & general what the fuck moments always tend to crop up. In fact, there are few better feelings than getting the giggles whilst you're high, and this is easily achieved in good company. 8. Get the Giggles! This wasn't planned to be in our top 10 but why the f*ck wouldn't we include this? There is no finer laugh than laughing your asses off over something that probably isn't even that funny. 9. Watch trippy videos on youtube Ah, spending several hours browsing the excellent trippy videos of youtube is a great way to spend your high time. This can be such an awesome experience! It definitely will enhance your high. 10. Meditate Apparently, there is no better time to be 'in touch' with your mind & body than when you are high. Relaxing is so easy to do with the help of this wonderful plant. There are, of course, plenty of other things to do when you're high. In fact, the list could be limitless. This is a selection of our top things to do when you're high. What are you waiting for? Go and spark that doobie!

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Article by Paul E - SmokingCannabis.com

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