10 Years Later...

10 years later... It feels so much longer, yet so much shorter. So much has happened in those ten years and I can't even remember most of it! (Ha) I remember the day that I was first introduced to music production like it was yesterday.

...It started like any other Saturday back when I was 20. With a Wake N' Bake outside of my attic bedroom window with a view of a tiny village overlooked by a tall thin tower on a hill. I was living with my mother at the time and likely strolled downstairs for a nice (and ready made) bacon and egg butty with a brew! (That is, a bacon and egg sandwich with a coffee where I'm from). I strolled with an already rolled blunt to my friends house and we smoked. A lot. As we always did back then. After many laughs and supplies running low we headed out to my friend's house in another town. Several beers and a bit of charly later (We were young once) I'm standing watching my other friend make music on the Native Instruments Maschine. I was instantly hooked. I had never seen anything like this nor realised it was even 'a thing'. I eagerly waited to have a go and as soon as I sat infront of the Maschine I knew that I had to get one!

10 years later... I'm sitting in my home (Different town, now the proud owner of said home and currently living with the first friend mentioned!) writing about 10 years ago. I bought the Maschine the following day and since then I have produced around 100+ tracks, acquired 6K subscribes on YouTube alone and over 1.5 million YT views. Not to mention the amount of fun I've had creating some mind bending chill music. I've had a real blast and even though I've had a two year break I am still totally in awe of this technology and the places it can elevate my mind.

Currently in isolation due to Corona virus, this seems to be a perfect time to take up my passion again. I must admit, I have been lacking inspiration for the past few years hence why I've not been producing, but I'm working on that one day at a time. My life and mental health is becoming good again, but anyway I digress...

You can expect me to be uploading music (Both new and edited old tracks) as well as taking my hand up at writing... even if just for my own personal use, if I can help at least one other person then I am winning.

Let's see how this goes! Looking forward to it already.



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