Our Brief Time

Brief notes with strangers. Read about this project here

July 2015 - Paul E



"I was half dead 3 times last year because my organs stopped working from psychotropic drugs that I got from my doctor. My skin had turned horrible. I attempted two suicides; it's a wonder that I'm still alive. If you only knew how bad I looked. All my friends left me, my boyfriend left me too.


I took refuge in the stoner community on the internet, particularly on Instagram. The people on there helped to build me up and push me forwards. Without them I wouldn't have had sense. I'm in a situation now where I try to help as many people suffering as possible. I try to motivate them not to give up or to be in self-pity or to self-harm. I'm always so happy when I get a message from them that they stayed strong through dark times or if they did something positive. It's really cool to watch them grow and start to shine. This is what helps me get through; it gives me a sense of purpose."


July 2015 - Paul E



"One time a crow flew down, walked into the bushes and pulled out a lighter in front of me and one of my friends, and then it flew away. And the lighter still worked and everything. It was pretty sick!"


July 2015 - Paul E



"I remember the moment that I first met Mary Jane. It's cheesy, but she was the most beautiful girl you've ever seen. That one look at her frosty sticky curves made me go wild inside! You can say it was love at first sight."


July 2015 - Paul E



"The most interesting thing that ever happened to me while smoking cannabis is difficult to explain because it was an introspective moment where a lot of thoughts kind of just came together. In a nutshell, I felt this incredibly deep love for the people around me and was able to see how ignorant we all are to the connection we share. I felt so much love for the people around me that it almost made me cry. I just felt so connected and wanted to help anyone and everyone."


"I am definitely a supporter of cannabis legalization and feel that it would benefit our country not only because of the subsequent research it would allow to take place but it would help economically as well. I do feel strongly that younger people should not be smoking marijuana recreationally for the most part. I think it's best to let the brain finish developing before people make a habit out of recreational smoking."


July 2015 - Paul E



"I think, at this point, cannabis legalization is inevitable. There is such a positive group of support both medically and recreationally. I'm excited to see it available to the people who need it, but I also fear that corporations will try to commercialize something that is so sacred and perfect in its natural form."


August 2015 - Paul E



"I remember the time I worked as a zoo trainee and got real close and petted some of the tigers, it made me feel at one with nature and the wild, it was magnificent!"


August 2015 - Paul E


"I was recently involved in a car accident, it was crazy! I got hit before I completed a turn and the other driver managed to swing me in the opposite direction and into a ditch. When I got out of the car I lost my short term memory."


August 2015 - Paul E



"I was recently interviewed on Hot 98.3 (Tucson) radio. It was really a suprise to have the opportunity as an underground hiphop producer. "


"I remember the first time I got high, I fell asleep in the shower afterwards with the water running, I wish I could get that high again!"

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