Smokingcannabis.com is proud to host cartoons / series made by Joe Perez titled Buddies. Buddies is a cannabis related comic with the first season including animted videos. Enjoy!

After moving to Denver at 19, I always had an idea for cartoon about a pothead assistant to a scientist who accidentally creates four BUDDIES and the adventures they go on. Thankfully colorado was just the right place to start my own adventure with the series. Originally intended just to be an animated cartoon series, after the first season was complete, I wanted to explore different avenues of the story. So in turn I started drawing comics that continues the main story line started from the animated first season. And the second season and future seasons will be just standalone 4 - 5 minute episodes about crazy predicaments the BUDDIES get themselves in. In addition I wanted to make a "Stoner/ Pothead/ Weed" that didn't rely on stoner cliches that a lot of businesses in the cannabis industry exploit today, and instead focus on fun stories with a deeper meaning if you want to look that far. Its been almost five years since the start of this whole shebang and Its been a crazy one, and its only just beginning. Hope you enjoy the show!


-Joe Perez




Buddies Season 1

Episode 1:

The Accident

Buddies Season 1

Episode 2:

The First Day of School

Buddies Season 1

Episode 3:

Bean Bitches