Let's Heal with CBD: 10 Health Benefits

Let's Heal with CBD: 10 Health Benefits Cannabis is a natural herb containing more than 400 compounds. While not every compound is specific to it, more than 60 are specific to the plant genus cannabis. These elements are called cannabinoids. Out of these, the two most popular and researched on elements are THC and CBD. While THC is psychoactive in nature, CBD is not. CBD is fast gaining popularity as it has powerful therapeutic and medicinal effects. Image Credit: herbalapproach.com CBD has backed up potential that it can be an effective treatment for: PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is extremely common among war veterans. The patients experiencing PTSD go through chronic anxiety

5 Fun Facts About Cannabis and Sex

5 Fun Facts About Cannabis and Sex Source: potent.media It is known globally that use of cannabis parts like cannabis seeds, CBD oil, strains is beneficial for health. Thorough scientific research has to be conducted to base correlation between cannabis use and sex. Whether cannabis is a libido depressant or an aphrodisiac, is yet to be base. Cannabis consumers also argue that the drug can reduce the sex drive and can have a negative effect on the sexual experiences. Read on to find out five fun facts about cannabis and sex: Smoking Together Builds Your Relationship A survey was given to 634 married couples over a period of nine years. It suggested that couples who smoke together have a

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