This isn't Your Dad's Marijuana

This isn’t Your Dad’s Marijuana Picture source: Sky News There was a time when marijuana use was not only taboo, it was unknown. People were attracted by the mystery of it and didn’t think to ask too many questions about the substance, where it came from, or what it did to our bodies. As time rolled on, people started to become more aware of what cannabis was, where it was coming from, and how it was impacting our cognitive abilities. As a result, people are more aware than ever of what they put in their bodies and some even criticize the popular substance altogether. But still, cannabis continues to make its way around the globe in new and unique forms because as the old saying goes, you ca

Are You Interested In Cannabis Stocks?

Are You Interested In Cannabis Stocks? Image: Growers Of Marijuana If you want to invest directly into marijuana stocks in 2018, then the stocks of growers of marijuana are your shortest route. While you're doing this, it's best to turn north and look in that direction. That's because the brightest opportunities are all north of the border in Canada. A number of Canadian growers of medical marijuana wound up having terrific returns on their marijuana penny stocks in 2017. Three reasons were central to this success. First, the medical marijuana market is booming in Canada and other nations. Second, some serious deal-making was happening. Third, there was anticipation of r

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