Infamously Famous: Cannabis

Infamously Famous: Cannabis It might seem like a long time ago now, but marijuana – the popular substance sprung from the cannabis plant – did not always have a particularly good reputation. Though it was well loved among a certain part of the population, the oft-considered stoners and those on the margins of medical wellness, it sat on the side of acceptance. When it came to the mainstream, marijuana was most famously represented by the likes of Jeff Spicoli in movies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High. But, even for those who might not be interested in the stuff, marijuana and the cannabis plant has lost much of its outsider appeal. In recent years, as the nutritional value of hemp an

Mighty Vaporizer – All That You Need to Know!

Mighty Vaporizer – All That You Need to Know! The company Storz and Bicket shot to fame with their product Volcano Vaporizer, famous for all the right reasons, but they continue to impress with their dedication to innovate and among the range of products they have brought to the table for us, the Mighty Vaporizer is a stand out product. The Storz & Bickel Mighty Vape is a powerful portable unit with a fantastic digital display which draws its power from the 2 lithium ion batteries ensuring that the device delivers what it has been designed to perform. When you first cast your eyes upon the gadget you may get a feeling that it has been created to look like the supposed bigger brother to a gad

List of Unknown but Researched Marijuana’s Medical Benefits

List of Unknown but Researched Marijuana’s Medical Benefits Marijuana was banned because it is classified as Schedule I drug, under 1970s Controlled Substance Act. Suddenly, in 1999 controversies aroused about its medical usage. Actually, the US government sponsored a research study on marijuana’s beneficial medical properties. Medicine marijuana was legalized in California and several other states. List of unknown medical benefits of Marijuana Stops spread of cancer Research report - 2007 - California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco Cannabidiol [CBD] helps the spread of cancer by restricting the gene called Id-1 to make replicas of cancerous cells. In lab, breast cancer cells with hig

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