Blazed? Check out this experimental comedy channel!

Blazed a few phat ones? There's nothing better than having a laugh whilst you're winding down and having a blaze! We've been browsing youtube to find the best channels that provide skits and prank calls and we can safely say that these dudes are the cream of the crop. Check them out! Don't forget to check out: *Recommended Websites* Vape Monster City prides itself on sourcing the best dry herb vaporizer, Concentrate pen and E-rig Units as well as Accessories from around the world and helping you get them to your doorstep fast with the ability to process orders and get them to the customer quickly! All of our Dry herb vaporizers, Wax pens and E-Rig Units are sourced straight from the supplie

Production Company Takes Bets on Who Will Win The Battle Between Good and Evil

Production Company Takes Bets on Who Will Win The Battle Between Good and Evil In the eternal battle between God and The Devil, a battle that has caused wars and laid out the philosophies by which many people live, would you put your money where your mouth is? Independent film company, Hedley Productions, is going to find out. At, you can put $5 on God or The Devil, or a write in. Proceeds go toward their next film project which parallels this crowd funding challenge. There is no limit to the number of votes a person or group can cast. A real-time tally on the website will show who’s in the lead and pictures of peoples’ write-ins to encourage multiple visits and votes t

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