A Stoners Guide to... Gaming

A Stoner's Guide to... Gaming Getting high and playing video games isn't something new. We've been doing this since the good ol' days of the 90's, where we would be sitting around in our boxer shorts eating cereal whilst playing sonic the hedgehog and listening to some Tupac. Not much as changed since then except from now we have a much broader range of games to play and consoles to play them on! We're at a great time to be alive with technology propelling us into new and exciting territories. Whilst we certainly appreciate the majority of gaming consoles, we find that nothing can beat PC Gaming for when you're high alone and PS4 / Xbox One when you're socialising high. So what games are goo

A Stoners Guide to... Our Universe

A Stoner's Guide to... Our Universe When we run out of weed we may think about getting that next batch in to keep us forever stoned. Some of us may be frustrated at the fact that we have to go to Dave down on the other side of town to get some weed. Or we have to get in the car to a few miles away. How inconvenient! When we think about distance from one place to another on Earth, it can seem like we're living on an absolutely massive planet. But in reality, we are living on a very tiny planet in a very minor galaxy. It is all relative to size. As humans we have the right to feel large compared to other living things, but again in reality we are virtually non-existent in terms of size. Take a

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