Stoners Guide to the Apocalypse

I know you woke up this morning and thought to yourself "Damn, my life is really missing key information on what to do as a stoner if the Apocalypse suddenly happens!" Well, fear not as the guys over at kushhighlife have gone through the trouble of informing you in audio format! Check out the first instalment here: *Recommended Websites* Hi, my name is Pj, my little guy Max, inspired me to create our online apparel store for friends just like him. Pets are a very special part of the family and deserve the same clothing comfort that we enjoy. Max and I are delighted you stopped by, please enjoy our store, we hope

A Naked First Lady and the Piss Pot at the End of the Rainbow

#21 AVN Awards Convention, January 2017, Vegas, Nevada A Naked First Lady and the Piss Pot at the End of the Rainbow by Tzvi Peckar the Third I'm off to the 2017 AVN Awards Convention, Las Vegas Nevada. They have a Trump Tower in Vegas. Off the strip. You gotta Uber or Taxi there. I’m not going there. I’m tagging along my way into the Hard Rock for the next two nights. Not going to attend the inauguration or the actual AVN awards. I'm going to walk around and let the world figure it out. Whatever gets splooged on my page can be blamed on the new President, in honor of his retarded desire to allow underage girls get knocked-up by their boyfriends whose jobs will be replaced by robots before

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