Sativa VS Indica - Which is best for me?

SATIVA VS. INDICA: WHICH IS BEST FOR ME? image credit: When I first began smoking I was completely unaware about the differences between strains of cannabis. I was pretty much down to smoke anything, as long as it was green-ish and got me stoned. As I got older, I became more of a snob when it came to what marijuana I smoked. No more beasters, schwag, or mids. I preferred the finest marijuana I could find in my prohibition state. Now that I am a current resident of Denver, Colorado where cannabis is legal, recreationally and medicinally, I have been asked the same question over and over: Do I prefer sativas or indicas? The answer to this question is not as easy as you wou

How to roll a perfect joint

HOW TO ROLL THE PERFECT JOINT: ITEMS YOU NEED: Papers Tips Cannabis Rolling tray (optional) Grinder Poker (optional) Step One: Grind your Cannabis. Grinding your cannabis is an important step to ensure that you can easily roll the cannabis into the joint. Be cautious of small stems (death stems as I call em) as they can poke holes through your rolling paper and ruin your smoke. Step Two: Get your papers and top ready. Make sure you have your papers and tips ready, its always good to have all your tools set out before you begin rolling. Step Three: Fill paper with cannabis. Hold the paper between your thumb, pointer finger, and middle finger. Distribute the cannabis evenly along the paper to

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