Smoking Cannabis For The First Time?

Best Advice for Up and Coming Stoners. There are many different rules, cheats, and ways of living for stoners. Most of us avid pot heads know what they are, but what if you just started this groovy way of life? In this article I am going to give all of you lil druggies some advice about how to stay safe and have a good high every time:) First of all if you have been smoking for a while you know there are some days where you just get a bad high, whether it's just you being too paranoid or you just had a shitty day and your mind is just bumming you out. I know it can be hard to control your high at first, but it is possible! First you just have to have your mind be completely focused on one th

Top Music To Listen To Whilst High

So you've got the weed and now you're looking for that perfect track to take you to the next level? Well thankfully these days it's not very difficult to find new types of music. The Internet is full of undiscovered musicians and unique tracks that simply need to be heard. Well look no further than our top list of music to listen to whilst you're smoking cannabis. All of these tracks will take you on a journey through space. Some of these tracks you may have heard of before, whilst others I guarantee will be new to you. So sit back, relax and toke away! Chillstep Mix - June 2015 - Pulse8 Music & Various Artists. Chillstep is a genre of music which has been continuously growing for the last c

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