Is Cannabis Bad For You?

We’ve all come across people who tell you that Cannabis is bad for you. “Don’t smoke Cannabis,” they say, “It will lead on to other drugs such as heroin and you’ll be on the streets begging for money before you know it.” Or the classic one, “Don’t smoke Cannabis, it will send you insane!” The truth is, these people are misinformed and have been lied to about Cannabis their whole lives. Cannabis has been smoked for thousands of years by modern day humans and even the ancient civilisations. It’s been used for many things from Medical reasons to spirituality. The Cannabis plant has been used in the form of hemp in construction. It has been used to help connect you to the universe and in underst

Why Do People Smoke Cannabis With Tobacco?

For some, Smoking Cannabis with tobacco included in the joint is essential. It’s the norm for them. While others hate having any trace of tobacco in their smoke. So why is this the case? Well, even adding a tiny amount of tobacco can seriously affect the high and the enjoyment of the joint. There are pros and cons for both and it really is down to personal preference. Below, I will list the main differences between a joint and a spliff. A spliff is basically just a joint but with tobacco added. It’s very popular in the UK to smoke a spliff. Why people add tobacco to their weed: Adding just a small trace of tobacco can help with the burning of the Cannabis. This means that you can smoke witho

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