Top Five Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief

There are many different reasons why people chose to smoke Cannabis. Some people smoke for pleasure or to be sociable, but for some, they use Cannabis purely for it's medicinal value. Peoples views on Cannabis are changing rapidly as they realise that smoking cannabis can add many positive benefits to their life. So, if you're looking to relieve pain for example, which strain is best for you? There are so many different strains of bud that it is easy to get confused. Well, we can help save you time by recommending to you the top 5 best weed strains for pain relief! 5. White Widow Possibly one of the most well known strains in the World. White Widow has a fierce reputation for being potent. I

How To Use A Glass Bubbler

What is a Glass Bubbler and Can You Vaporize with It? There are different devices out there used to smoke all types of substances, some work better than others. One of the most common is the glass bubbler, a relatively simple device based on an old concept that is gaining new ground in today’s market. A glass bubbler can function not only with a lighter or fire, as a heating element, but with a vaporizer as well. A vaporizer is a device that does not extract the ingredients from plant material, but it actually vaporizes the herbs in a convection or conduction form, without combustion. A glass bubbler is a pipe that when you take a pull, the smoke will go down the tube to where there is water

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