Top Stoner Food For Stoners By Stoners!

The kitchen can be a wonderful place when you're stoned. It's got everything there that you need to keep you happy, One thing we all realise on the munchies is that foods which you wouldn't normally like suddenly tastes amazing. Well, the great news is that foods which usually taste amazing to you will taste 100% better whilst you're stoned! So, what foods are best for when you're stoned I hear you ask? We believe that texture is important here and it adds value to be creative and bold. Here is our top selection: 1. Warm apple pie covered in an ice cream flavor of your choice and two sauces of your choice. It's also a great idea to sprinkle a Cadbury Flake on top or a similar flakey chocolat

We're Looking For Contributing Writers

Are you a budding writer who is keen and eager to 'get into' the writing business? Or maybe you're just a Cannabis enthusiast looking to learn and spread the latest information on the Cannabis movement. Whatever your situation, we're here as an opportunity for you to progress. Current Opportunity: We're currently looking for a contributing writer to 'manage' the News section of our website. This will include all the latest news and information on the Cannabis movement. We require somebody who is passionate about Cannabis and all the health benefits it brings. Get in touch with us today to discuss the opportunity in further detail. E-mail with the header 'Contributin

Smoking Cannabis - Top Seven Myths Revealed and Answered

There is only one thing more annoying than an uneducated stoner, and that's an uneducated anti-stoner! Thanks to generations of lies and propaganda against this healing plant, many people believe that it is actually 'just another drug' or more typically where I am from - 'the gateway drug.' It is believed by many to be a dangerous, mind altering, life changing drug that people get addicted to. When in fact, smoking cannabis can bring some very healthy changes into your life. More people smoke cannabis than what you know, and as the law and public opinion slowly changes about cannabis, many celebrities and even politicians have admitted to smoking cannabis, most recently by President Barack O

Ten Things To Do Whilst Smoking Cannabis

So you've come home from a hard days work, sparked a doob and wondered what to do next to help you relax? Or maybe you've just woken up and done the honorable thing and had a wake N bake? Or possibly you're on your sixth bong in an hour, whatever your situation, you've come to the right place if you would like some inspiration on good things to do whilst being high/stoned! 1. Do Something Creative! Cannabis gets your creative juices flowing and really puts you in a zone! It's great for writers block or much needed inspiration. After smoking cannabis, things just happen. What better way to enjoy your time than smoking cannabis and then making music for example? Or starting on that blog or w

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