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Our ask lil J page is here to provide a frequently asked questions around Cannabis answered by our cannabis connoisseur Lil J! Cannabis can be a complex subject to some and there are a lot of questions out there for inexperienced users and friends / family of people who smoke cannabis. We encourage you to e-mail in and ask Lil J any cannabis related questions that you have! Nothing is too stupid or to risky to be answered by us... We're here to help!





We all have questions, but sometimes we can feel like an idiot when we ask them. Well here is a hate free loving environment where we can all ask our questions and make ourselves a little less stupid everyday! The best part is these questions are for stoners answered by an educated stoner. No, I am not a know it all but I am going to try my best to help a homie out:)



Is Cannabis Addictive?

Well physically it is not addictive there is plenty of research you can look at. But who ever talks about peoples mind set and addiction? Being around people who are greedy you can tell they use cannabis in a way where they need it to feel power, and that isn't saying they need to be high 24/7. It's a need where they need to have it with them 24/7 putting it in peoples face saying they have the loudest of the loud blah blah blah! It's not the image we should want to set as a pro cannabis community! We should show the loving and responsible side of cannabis and not the greedy side.


  Is Cannabis a gateway drug?

There really cannot be a real study on this since every single human on this earths body is different. Some of us have an addictive personality and some don't. Some people have a way of always wanting more, weather that is with money, sex, food, stealing things. I like to say that cannabis is only a gateway drug if you, and your own damn mind feel like making it one. Because everything can lead to something it just depends on what you choose to lead it to.


What are the most popular strains of cannabis?

 Well one strain is probably the most popular since it is less expensive to buy. It's called Indica. Indica is the strain the just knocks you off your ass, makes you tired, have the munchies and just a good chill high. Sativa is more of an upbeat high, it makes you want to go adventure and do fun things with your friends:) It also gives you more of a mind high and in my case it makes me more paranoid than indica but really its different with everybody so try something different every time and see what you like the best:)


      These were just some frequently asked questions, but I would love to answer some of yours! Email me or Instagram direct message me I am here to enlighten you guys and together we can all make our community a little less stupid:) Thanks for reading!

-Lil J


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