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Due to legal issues regarding marijuana use, we are unable use typical web advertising techniques. But that's fine with us! Instead, we offer advertising packages similar to those you would find in news papers or magazines. It's a more personable business practice, and we're proud to support the marijuana community. Below are our packages and pricings. If you have advertising needs not satisfied by our current packages, we encourage you to reach out to us.


Advertising at either side of the page

Exactly what it says on the tin! We will advertise your page at either side of our page. Lovely!

$10 per Month / $100 per Year

Additionaly, you can add advertise down one full side of the page for a little extra. Advertising on both sides of the page is simply double the cost.

Advertising at the top of the page (Recommended)


Would you like your advertisement to be the first thing that people see on each page? Well, this is the option for you!
$50 per Month / $500 per Year

Advertising on both sides of the page and at the top of each page

 Launch a full assault and take over our website! Have all our visitors see what you have to offer!
$75 per Month / $750 per year

The Mighty One

Advertising on both sides of the page, at the top of each page, have a mention in 50% of our blog posts and have four tweets a month on our twitter page. (Twitter page has well over 4000 active pro-cannabis followers and counting daily.) 
$100 per Month / $1000 per year.


As we have recently taken over ownership of this premium cannabis brand, we're offering a 50% discount to all of our new customers purchasing a yearly package! That's a huge saving off any of our yearly packages!


We are proud to own a premium Cannabis domain and we believe that our brand can help grow your business.


There has never been a better time to advertise on our website! With the above discount and the Cannabis industry movement, the only way is up.


So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today. We can have your advertisement up with immediate effect.



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