Why are we here? Well, that is a very broad and deep question for such an open minded guy like myself. I could tell you that we're just a bunch of advanced primate that are constantly toking on a plant which allows you to chill the fuck out whilst we're on a giant rock floating through space around a giant ball of fire which keeps us just warm enough to live and breath. BUT I guess you were looking for a more specific answer about why are both me and you on Well we're here to cater to stoners in as many formats as possible. You're here because you're stoned. 


So what are our beliefs on Cannabis? Well I wanted to get this one out of the way instantly, just in case anybody confused us for people who hate cannabis. Of course, I don't know how people could possibly make that assumption as we own a domain about cannabis, but the World is certainly full of abnormal creatures. So I'm going to put my Captain Obvious hat on and say that WE LOVE CANNABIS.


Great. Okay, now we've cleared that up let's get across some advice...


Smoke weed everyday.


A girl smoking cannabis whilst doing the waterfall smoke trick
A cannabis leaf with thumbs up

For the majority of us growing up, we were told from an early age that cannabis is a "drug" and drugs are bad. We were told this from the governments, the media, the corporations and of course our parents. Due to this I just presumed the kind of people that smoked cannabis were the same people lay on the streets owning nothing but a scruffy backpack and damaged, smelly clothing. Or the people who look so rough and constantly look like they're "looking for that next fix" to stick in their veins. Little did we know that Cannabis was a wonderful, natural and organic plant that cured diseases, helped with pain and psychological problems and was actually smoked  in secret by the regular you, me's and them's of this World.


Thankfully, as the World slowly 'wakes up' we're realising that all these years we have been lied to. We realise through experimentation that Cannabis brings about positive thoughts that in turn bring a positive change to our lives. Cannabis is a social drug, allowing people to connect together in much the same way people do in a bar, albeit in a much more relaxed environment.



“The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis.”

Willie Nelson



So who is

owner of cannabis website
amsterdam cafe

The domain was originalyy registered in 2006 supposedly by the owners of if legend has it. Since then it has been used for many different purposes in the Cannabis industry. The owner of the domain and website is now an Englishman based out of Manchester, UK. Although the funny thing is, the vast majority of our visitors are from America. (No surprise there, then.)


All content, web design and music production under the Trip Music brand is made by Paul, a 20 something year old business to business account manager who has a long and fond memory with Cannabis (The bits he can remember, that is). Back in 2015 Paul was backpacking around Europe and decided it was time to become the cannabis activist he had always envisioned himself to be by bringing his enthusiasm and love to cannabis online. His vision is simple, if not a little bold in that Paul wants the website to be the perfect website to stumble upon for the browsing stoner. Paul realised that in order to achieve this, he really should offer what stoners would appreciate which he prioritised as: 


Stoner Music

Trippy Visuals

Mind Boggling Videos

Interesting Writing

And More weed.


Due to current laws we are unable to provide you with more weed... but we certainly provide you with the rest! 


We also accept guest writers on this website either on a 'one off' basis or on a regular basis. All work is credited when not written by Paul.


Tzvi Peckar the Third

Tzvi Peckar the Third the Author walks in the shadows of his own tales along the shores of Southern California, and those strange stories that come to him throughout the world, the day, the weeks, and the simple moments. Known to be a part of the underground, subculture of art, music, film, and scenes, Tzvi has collected a number of fantastically interesting characters to call his friends. Some show up in stories as themselves, some are eluded too, and some have name changes to protect their identity from theft.


Tzvi has been seen with the likes of Serj Tankian, Norwood Fisher, Freeway Rick Ross, Trey Spruance, Chloe Sevigny, Pauly, Pat Fields, Michael Alig, GG Allin, George Clinton, Maureen Herman, Roseanne Barr, just to name drop a few to make you like even more.

Instagram: @TzviPeckar3

Twitter: @TheTzvi


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Tzvi has also written a number of write ups on Cannabis events he attended in America. You can find them by clicking here




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Trip Music


Our second passion is music. We listen. We make it. We understand it. We're proud to make music to specifically cater for those who are chilling out and looking to listen to something a little bit different. Something that helps you to relax and just ... imagine ...


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